Nelson’s Monument

Nelson's Monument

Nelson’s Monument resting on the top of Portsdown Hill in Hampshire, soars away into the sky, with the bust of Nelson casting a keen eye, out across the waters of the Solent.

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Hampshire Churches Stained Glass

Hampshire churches stained glass

Hampshire Churches Stained Glass Stained and painted glass has filled the the windows of our parish churches and great cathedrals for over a thousand years. There are so many beautiful stained glass windows in Hampshire churches that on our history foraging expeditions we make sure to capture as many images of them as possible. These…

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Meonstoke Church

Meonstoke church history with images of this delightful church, it is a rare example of a church built in one period of the 13th century.

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Kings Somborne Church Carvings

Kings Somborne church carvings

Kings Somborne church carvings, it’s the little things that can sometimes have the greatest impact when searching out Hampshire history, as in the church at Kings Somborne.

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Norman Churches

Norman doorway in Easton church Hampshire

Hampshire is blessed with magnificent Norman churches whose wide arches are beautifully decorated with all manner of carving and whose fonts are square and strong.

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Bishop Fox of Winchester 1501

Bishop Fox
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Winchester Cathedral

Bishop Fox is a man little discussed when it comes to the Tudors but he was a great statesman and ultimately Bishop of Winchester in 1501, serving under the two great Tudor monarchs King Henry VII and King Henry VIII.

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Agincourt and Michelmersh

Agincourt and Michelmersh in Hampshire and the House of Lancaster
This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Agincourt and Hampshire

Agincourt and Michelmersh The 12th/13th Century church of St Mary’s in Michelmersh would have looked out over the adjacent field, filled with the soldiers and archers who would be accompanying King Henry V to battle at Agincourt. Scattered in fields and villages north of Southampton, King Henry V started to gather his troops, ready to…

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William of Wykeham

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Winchester Cathedral

William of Wykeham, born a humble man in the market town of Wickham Hampshire, he became Chancellor of England twice and Bishop of Winchester. He founded Winchester College and New College Oxford.

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Margaret Beauchamp

Margaret Beaufort

Margaret Beauchamp, who became Margaret Beaufort, was grandmother to King Henry VII and two hundred years after her death is remembered in a Hampshire church in Farley Chamberlayne.

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Hampshire Horses

Chalkpit horse monument Hampshire

Is Hampshire the only county with a preponderance of horse graves? Are Hampshire horses particularly brave?

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Quarley Church

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Andover Area Churches

Quarley church,the ancient church of St Michaels in Quarley Hampshire is surrounded by a flower filled graveyard and has its origins in Saxon England.

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