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Places in Hampshire

Not just place names in Hampshire but churches, historic houses, street names, old names. Eventually you will be able to search using our new Hampshire Gazetteer but in the meanwhile, enjoy exploring churches and other places using the tables below.

Bentley Castles
Hampshire Field Names

Beautiful Hampshire Churches

Hampshire has a wealth of wonderful parish churches to visit. This table will eventually become part of Hampshire Gazetteer.

East Wellow church
St Margaret's of Antioch
St Mary's Upton Grey
St Mary's church Upton Grey

Places in Hampshire


Please note whilst we make these changes the pages will continue to be changing over the next few weeks. Step by step we aim to share more data about the people, places and events that have shaped the history of this ancient county.

Explore the history of Hampshire by searching for a place name such as Winchester or Soberton or journey down the chalk streams such as the Test Valley, maybe you are interested in the little known places such as Knights Enham? You can search for a Hampshire place name to find posts and images that relate to the history of that location. Every post is geolocated, making it easy for you to search. Just type in the place name you want to find out about or use our interactive map

Places in Hampshire, Parishes in Hampshire

We have an enormous gazetteer under construction, a collection of old and current place names in Hampshire but it will take time to pull together. We will add data in as time and dog walks allow. The intention is to link the gazetteer to all our content so please keep returning and if there are mistakes please free free to politely let us know.




Abbotts AnnAn unusual C18th church. It is home to the 'virgin crowns'. The crown is carreid above the coffin of a young person who has passed away 'pure'. They are made of either hazelwood or oak on which are placed 5 or 6 black and white paper rosettes with 5 gauntlets. The name and maybe favourite hyms or verses of the deceased are written on them. After the funeral the crown is suspended in the church.Abbot's Ann, St Mary Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1561-1986 1561-1985 1561-1989
AldershotLate C19th churchAldershot Holy Trinity Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1878-1951 1878-1966 x
AldershotEarly C20th churchAldershotSt Augustine Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1907-1966 1944-1975 x
AldershotThis is an old church whose roll in the community has altered as Aldershot has taken on the roll of home to the British Army. So expect to see Regimental colours and memorials but there is much more to explore.AldershotSt Michael Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1571-1887 1571-1893 1571-1891
AldershotThe Royal Garrison church built in 1863AltonAll Saints Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1875-1993 1875-1994 1882-1998
AltonThere are so many reasons why a visit to the church of St Lawrence makes sense. A C15th church with stone carving that is reminiscent of work by French masons, look out for the wolf on one of the Norman capitals. Most striking are the English Civil War musket ball holes on the south door. In the church, Cavalier Colonel Boles,was killed in the fight that took place between themselves and Waller's Roundheads in which 60 men died. Look out also for the lovely bright wall paintings on the column.AltonSt Lawrence Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1615-1993 1629-1979 1616-1975
AlverstokeAn old church that has been much altered over the years but because of its proximity to the sea and merchants might we expect to see some interesting headstones.AlverstokeSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Gosport Discovery Centre 1559-1995 1559-2000 1559-1975
AmpfieldMid C19th churchAmpfieldSt Mark Hampshire Archives, Chandlers Ford and Romsey Library 1841-1984 1842-2012 1841-1999
AmportA C14th church with a rare Medieval alabaster carving of St Johns head on show. There is a lovely walk opposite the church.AmportSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1665-1902 1665-1975 1666-1994
FoxcottNow part of a private houseAndoverSt Mary (Foxcott Chapel) Hampshire Archives 1814-1900 x 1817-1900
AndoverThe present church dedicated in 1844 sits on the site of several older churches.AndoverSt Michael Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1937-1982 1956-1982 x
AppleshawBuilt in 1830 this church is unusual in design. It could almost be mistaken for the lodge of some great house. AppleshawSt Peter in the Wood Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1695-1920 1709-1979 1744-1995
AsheThis pretty church has associations with Jane Austen and her family but the real reason to visit this church is to gaze upon the little bird sitting on her nest in a wooden box especially created for her. The windows are special also and the William Morris curtains and look out for the Portal grave referencing the Charge of the Light Brigade.AsheHoly Trinity & St Andrew Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1617-1939 1618-1989 1618-1991
AshleyThis tiny two celled church is described as Norman but the chancel arch is very narrow and simple looking more Anglo Saxon than Norman.The broad squints on either side of the arch allowing a good view of the sanctuary. It has an aisle that goes uphill and don't miss the poignant epitaph to the children on the exterior wall.AshleySt Mary Hampshire Archives 1725-1980 1732-1941 1725-1970
AshmansworthA Norman church that has the ghosts of Medieval wall painitngs including one of St ChristopherAshmansworthSt James Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1811-1965 1813-1970 1811-1993
AvingtonAn almost unaltered C18th exterior gives way to an equally untouched interior. The design is so delicate in all ways, the sky blue vaulted ceiling and deep mahogany pulpit and pews. Look out for the wig pegs. It is also home to one of the rare 'vinegar' bibles. Percy Shelley's brother John Shelley has a memorial in the church.AvingtonSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1610-1920 1611-1989 1609-1991
AwbridgeLate C19th church..All Saints Hampshire Archives 1877-1970 1878-1982 x
Barton StaceyA sound church reflecting the whols of history fromits old Norman font. It has C13th and C14th tiles and aisles and chapels from the C15thBarton StaceyAll Saints Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1713-1986 1713-2007 1713-1985
BasingstokeC20th church built in 1915BasingstokeAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1917-1971 1917-2000 x
BasingstokeModern churchBasingstokeChrist Church, Chineham Hampshire Archives x 1987-1996 x
BasingstokeModern churchBasingstokeChrist the King, Brighton Hill Hampshire Archives 1972-1998 x x
BasingstokeModern churchBasingstokeSt Mark, Kempshott Hampshire Archives 1981-2002 1987-1997 x
BasingstokeThere is much to see in the C16th church, both wood and stone carvings abound. It has astrange bit of history regarding a weeping statue of the Virgin Mary that Thomas Cromwell himself smashed to bits.BasingstokeSt Michael Hampshire Archives 1638-1991 1638-1990 1638-1919
BasingstokeModern churchBasingstokeSt Peter, South Ham Hampshire Archives 1958-1981 1965-1976 x
BaughurstA sweet looking mid C19th churchBaughurstSt Stephen Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1678-1953 1678-2008 1678-1898
BeaulieuOnce the refectory of Beaulieu Abbey, it is unusual in that the altar is at the south end of the church not the south. It has the feeling of being a different place, the stone lectern from which the minks would intone at meal times remains.BeaulieuBlessed Virgin and Child Hampshire Archives, Hythe and Lymington Library 1653-1992 1654-1994 1653-1993
BeauworthThis small church was built in 1838 but it has a glorious modern stained glass window which depicts the village as it is today with great detail of the houses.BeauworthSt James Hampshire Archives 1841-1991 1841-1968 1842-1992
BedhamptonA Medieval church much restored but it has a mighty yew tree in the churchyard.BedhamptonSt Thomas Hampshire Archives and Havant Library 1688-1987 1689-1989 1688-1980
BentleyVisit this church to see the amazing yews as they rest their elbows on the ground. Some ghosts of consecration crosses.BentleySt Mary Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1538-1974 1541-1991 1538-1943
BentworthAn old church, worth visiting to see the Elizabethan font over.Bentworth Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1603-1920 1603-2004 1603-1888
BightonThis is an old church, at once intimate and dark and then lit up by the beautifully painted ceiling. It has a very old and rather battered font that looks so well used and loved.BightonAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1573-1924 1589-1980 1591-1992
BinstedOne of our oldest churches dating to the C12th and in a lovely setting. This is the final resting place of that hero Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein who lived close by. It also has a great deal of interesting graffiti.BinsteadHoly Cross Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1653-1964 1653-1966 1653-1997
Bishops SuttonThis old church stands close to its manor and has several things to mark it out. There is a brass of a young woman and man who look so much in love. The monument to Culpepper is very moving. There are mass dials and a blocked up Saxon doorway.Bishops SuttonSt Nicholas Hampshire Archives 1711-1981 1711-1980 1711-1912
BishopstokeLate C19th churchBishopstokeSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1658-1994 1661-1997 1661-1941
Bishops WalthamThis Medieval church lies on the other side of the town to the Palace. It seems to have been an important place during the Tudor period. The pulpit was given to the church by Lancelot Andrewes who was Dean of Westminster under Queen Elizabeth I. William Wykeham is thought to have built the chancel, his initials appear at the top of the east window.Bishops WalthamSt Peter Hampshire Archives 1612-2007 1612-2007 1612-1974
BlackmoorA Waterhouse church built in 1868 it has some lovely stained glass contemporary with that period..St Matthew Hampshire Archives 1869-1972 1869-1990 1869-1940
BlendworthThis Victorian church has a bell that was cast in the Whitechapel foundry and a magnificent alabaster pulpit which is beautifully carved and gloriously coloured. The church replaced the old St Giles so if you're looking for ancestors remember to search for records of St Giles as well as Holy Trinity.BlendworthHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library 1586-1965 1587-1953 1587-1963
BoarhuntThis is such a special single cell Saxon church with Norman additions. The narrow chancel arch and the tub font are from this period. Walk outside and see the long pilaster strip.BoarhuntSt Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1654-2004 1654-1997 1654-2004
BoldreA beautiful church added to over the years but a clear path of its development can be seen from 1080. Here can be found the memorial to HMS Hood which sank in Icelandic waters in 1941 with a huge loss of life. 1416 officers and men died and there were only 3 survivors. It is a lovely peaceful place to hold the memory of those brave men.BoldreSt John Hampshire Archives and Hythe Library 1596-1970 1596-1974 1596-1992
BossingtonThe little church sits in a field built in 1839BossingtonSt James Hampshire Archives 1763-1989 1763-1975 1764-1990
BotleyWhen a tree felled the old church in the C19th it was decided a new one would be built. Some of the old found its way to the new, the font and the recumbent figure thought to be John de Botele, Sheriff of Hampshire in 1279 and buddy of William of Wickham.BotleyAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1679-2005 1681-2012 1679-2010
BradleyAttractive small church built in 1877.All Saints Hampshire Archives amd Basingstoke Library 1726-1994 1726-1987 1726-1992
BraishfieldBrick built Mid C19th church.All Saints Hampshire Archives 1855-1922 1856-1987 x
BramdeanAn old church much restored but it sits above the valley in which the village rests and has a delightful vista..St Simon & St Jude Hampshire Archives 1573-1947 1573-1973 1573-1992
BramleyVisit this church to see some of Hampshire's most beautiful wall paintings. Becket's martyrdom was painted within 50 years of the event. The painting of St Christopher is surely after the famous painting of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger.St James Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1580-1970 1580-2006 1580-1902
BramshawIn a quiet place in the New Forest this old church has a lovely memorial depicting a steamship and a lighthouse remembering a young cadet who was lost and then another memorial which tells us that 7 young men from Bramshaw went down with the Titanic.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1597-1964 1597-1998 1614-1993
BramshottAn ancient C13th church that in its artefacts reflects the history of the area including it being called home by thousands of Canadian troops during both WW1 and WW2. See the window designed to commemorate the Canadian Forces. In the churchyard, which is the largest of any parish church in Hampshire, the graves of many Canadian Nationals can be seen beautifully laid out with the war memorial cross.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1560-1972 1560-1956 1560-1951
BransgoreA brick built church from the early C19thSt Mary Hampshire Archives, New Milton and Ringwood Library 1822-1988 1876-2001 1822-1993
BreamoreA beautiful Saxon church with later additions. Find the Saxon pilaster strips, the Saxon windows and the Saxon rood, sadly damaged. Read some of the earliest text found on any church wall.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1675-1954 1675-1990 1675-1905
BrockenhurstSt Nicholas is the oldest church in the New Forest being recorded in Domesday although the structure is mainly C12th/C13th. Having said that there are 2 chancel windows with wonderful carved heads. Perhaps the best reason to visit are the beautifully kept War Graves Commission graves, known as the New Zealand Cemetery. Here people who died in nearby field hospitals were buried. The planting is beautiful. Nearby is the grave of 'Brusher' Mills, the local snake catcher.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1594-1940 1629-2005 1596-1911
BroughtonThis lovely Medieval church has a secret in the churchyard in the form of a Columbarium (dovecote) it was built in the C17th and is a rare beast. Another beast can be found on the font.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1639-1972 1639-1968 1639-1933
Brown CandoverMid C19th churchSt Peter Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1612-1889 1612-1992 1612-1992
Bucklers HardThis is not a purpose built church but sits in a terrace of housing. It has a warm homely feeling to it and each artefact seems as though it was carefully and personally chosen, which it probably was. A unique place of worship in Hampshire.St Mary
BullingtonAn attractive church with a brick tower sitting very prettily beside its attendant farmhouse. St Michael Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1716-1986 1755-2006 1715-1985
Old BurghclereThe church is tucked up behind its manor house, in fact you have to walk up the drive to reach it. In Spring the churchyard is full of flower. The nave dates from 1100–20 with a simple chancel arch. Particularly interesting is a blocked 12th-century doorway with angle shafts in the jambs having early volute capitals and moulded bases. Be sure to walk around the exterior to see the lovely stone work around the doorway. Look out for the mass dial.All Saints Hampshire Archives x 1927-1969 x
BurghclereAttrractive early C19th church with the most lovely Altar frescoe and stained glass. Well worth a visitAscension Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1562-1938 1559-1981 1561-1931
BuritonJust the perfect church in a lovely village, opposite the duck pond and down the road from the park. It is the final resting place of John Goodyer C17th naturalist and author.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Petersfield Library 1680-1952 1690-1989 1678-1952
BurleyBrick built Mid C19th churchSt John Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1839-1992 1840-1989 1843-1992
BursledonA Norman church restored it sits on a hill looking outwards the sea. There are some lovely monuments to explore. Well worth visitingSt Leonard Hampshire Archives 1657-1962 1673-1988 1676-1992
BurtonMid C19th churchSt Luke Hampshire Archives, New Milton and Ringwood Libray. 1875-1964 1877-2005 x
CatheringtonAn old church with an ancient stone cross displayed inside and an unusual wall painting of the Archangel Gabriel weighing the souls of menHambledon, HampshireAll Saints Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library 1602-1960 1602-1999 1602-1940
ChaltonAn old church sitting opposite a very old pub close to what would have been the London to Portsmouth rode.Hannington, HampshireSt Michael Hampshire Archives 1538-1852 1538-1973 1538-2001
Chandlers FordMid C19th churchSt Boniface Hampshire Archives, Eastleigh and Chandlers Ford Library 1898-1996 1910-2000 1906-1999
CharltonA rare Edwardian church (1908) with beautiful flint work.St Thomas
ChawtonThis is a fine Victorian parish church delicately placed in a beautiful and historic landscape. For all those that come to Chawton to honour Jane Austen, none will be disappointed to arrive at this church and stand in the church yard and pay respect to Jane's mother.ChawtonSt Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1596-1651 1694-1959 1620-1642 1662-1837 1979-1984 1662-1913
CheritonThis fine Early English church is a Hampshire History favourite. This ancient church with Medieval tiles has something more modern that turns the heart. The stained glass windows depicting four nephews of Mary Augusta Phipps Egerton who died in WW1 is such a loving tribute, they truly move you. A must see in Hampshire.CheritonSt Michael and All Angels Hampshire Archives 1557-1999 1558-1973 1557-1990
ChilboltonAn ancient church that has been extensively altered but it still manages to hold onto the memory of 700 years of worship. It has a very fine Elizabethan pulpit.ChilboltonSt Mary The Less Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1699-1977 1699-1976 1699-1938
ChilcombThis simple church little changed from it's early Norman build. There are enough features here to suggest that it is Saxo Norman. Note the height to width ratio, the narrow blocked in north doorway and the narrow windows. In the eastern gable two openings for bells, typical of other Saxon churches in England. Look at the rather crude tooth carving on the chancel arch suggesting a date of around the conquest?
Chilton CandoverCome to see the buried crypt of a church long vanished.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1672-1847 1681-1848 1677-1877
ChilworthEarly C19th churchChilworthSt Denys Hampshire Archives, Chandlers Ford and Romsey Library 1722-1956 1721-2011 1723-1989
Church OakleyThis little known place in Hampshire had William Warham as it's son. Warham was King Henry VII's trusted advisor and it was he who placed the crown on King Henry VIII's head. He was a friend of Erasmus and made Archbishop of Canterbury. His family is remembered in the church.Church OakleySt Leonard Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1559-1985 1565-1996 1560-1992
ClanfieldLate C19th churchClanfieldSt James Hampshire Archives, Petersfield and Waterlooville Library 1548-1964 1548-1979 1548-1969
CliddesdenThis is an old church with possibly a Saxon arch inside. There are some lovely stained glass windows.St Leonard Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1636-1948 1636-1642 1660-1993 1636-1643 1656-1958
ColburyLate C19th churchChrist Church Hampshire Archives, Hythe and Totton Library 1872-1993 1873-1993 1873-1993
Colden CommonMid C19th churchHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives 1844-1977 1844-1994 1844-1980
ColemoreThis beautiful now redundant church, cared for by the Church Conservation Trust has had a topsy turvy history of falling into ruin and being saved. A C19th restoration probably saved some of the early church. We love the C17th ladder and the C12th century font. Visit this isolated church across the road is an enormous old barn and you will imagine yourself in some past world.St Peter Hampshire Archives 1563-1975 1565-1967 1563-1975
ComptonThis ancient church has a few treasures, seemingly insignificant but an important reminder of worship humdreds of years ago. See the tiny hinges on one of the ancient slit windows, here hung shutters before glass filled the openings. See also the wall paintings from the C15th when the walls would have been alight with colour.All Saints Hampshire Archives 1695-1977 1695-1971 1678-1942
CopythorneBrick built 1834 church by BenthamLaverstoke, HampshireSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1834-1981 1837-1988 1835-1951
CorhamptonAny visit to this corner of Hampshire should include a visit to the Saxon church of Corhampton where you can see the C12th wall paintings of St Swithun, simply stunning. The Saxon sun dial on the south wall is unique and unmatched in Britain.Linkenholt, Hampshire undedicated Hampshire Archives 1678-1984 1677-1978 1695-1988
CrawleyIt is a very rare church with 8 wooden columns put in place over 500 years ago, also wooden arcades. In fact timber abounds in this pretty village.Longstock, HampshireSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1649-1999 1675-2007 1674-1678 1695-1984
CroftonAn ancient and interesting churchLymington, HampshireHoly Rood Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1838-1989 1871-1971 1838-1940
CrondallThe ancient settlement of Crondall, as Saxon as the day is long has an imposing church with a probable Saxon tub font. It feels ancient when you enter and has artefacts that remind you of every aspect of English history. Here you will see the simple marble Protestant font brought ot the church in 1647. Is there another like this in Hampshire? We don't think so.Mapledurwell, HampshireAll Saints Hampshire Archives, Farnborough and Fleet Library. 1569-1867 1581-1889 1570-1859
CrookhamMid C19th churchChrist Church Hampshire Archives 1842-1964 1842-1980 1842-1966
Crux EastonBuilt at the end of the C18thSt Michael Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1737-1994 1745-1977 1744-1993
CurdridgeA fine looking late C19th church with a magnificent timber roof. Well worth a visit.St Peter Hampshire Archives 1835-1946 1838-2008 1835-1934
DamerhamThis church is definitely Norman and very probably was built on the site of a Sawon forebear. Not something many of us will get to see but it has a bell and the inscription reads, 'I was cast in the year of plague, warre and fire 1666' - amazing. Look out for the roof bosses and the C12th Typanum featuring St George. St George Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1678-1968 Gaps to 1699 1678-1978 Gaps to 1699 1678-1879 Gaps to 1699
DeaneAnother place with Jane Austen connections for here her father lived and preached before she was born.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1659-1992 1679-2005 1659-1991
DenmeadBuilt at the end of the C19thAll Saints Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library 1881-1980 1881-1980 x
DibdenThis brave little church has nearly a thousand years of history but the early hours of 20th June 1940 nearly put paid to all that when it was hit by an incendiary bomb. The rebuilding eventually began and when you visit today it is a place that offers a moment of calm reflection.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Hythe Library 1664-1973 1664-1994 1664-1992
DogmersfieldA very pretty mid C19th church.All Saints Hampshire Archives, Farnborough and Fleet Library. 1677-1688 1695-1911 1677-2008 1677-1994
DroxfordIt seems as if a church would have sat in this position for ever, backing onto the River Meon the massive square pillars of the church were once part of the outside walls of the original Norman building. The tower is a lovely example of C16th work and see if you can spot the 4 mass dials on the exterior of the church.St Mary & All Saints Hampshire Archives 1633-1976 1633-1987 1638-1975
DummerThis is an old church with many interesting things to explore including a graffiti hobby horse.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1541-1968 1541-1987 1541-1924
DurleyA very pretty church with a wall painting of a painted ship and a sailor swarming up the rigging, probably been here for 600 years. It is set amongst pretty water ways and mills. In the churchyard is an ancient yew.Holy Cross Hampshire Archives 1561-1984 1560-2008 1561-1993
East BoldreBrick built mid C19th churchSt Paul Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1840-1992 1841-1995 1840-1993
East DeanThis small church is like a cottage made of brick and flint. Ships timbers form part of the roof and there is a small window where it is said lepers came to receive the sacrament.St John Hampshire Archives 1681-1993 1682-1992 1681-1993
EastleighEarly C20th by Colson and NesbittAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1965-1994 1954-1994 x
East MeonSometimes described as the 'Cathedral in the Downs' this Norman cruciform church has a splendid setting in the beautiful village of East Meon. It also happens to be home to one of the rare Tournai fonts, only one of four in the UK and possibly the best? The modern embroidery is also a lovely thing.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Petersfield Library 1560-1995 1560-1995 1560-1995
EastonA gem of a Medieval church with a lovely Norman decorated doorwaySt Mary Hampshire Archives 1692-1967 1694-1999 1693-1907
EastropRe-built 1886St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1750-1941 1759-1807 1813-1994 1750-1979
East StrattonLate C19th church All Saints Hampshire Archives 1538-1988 Gaps to 1813 1542-1993 Gaps to 1760 1540-1989 Gaps to 1835
East TistedA mid C19th church full of wonderful monuments to the Norton family, a very important Hampshire family indeed. It has a very pretty towerSt James Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1561-1946 1538-1978 1561-1992
East TytherleyAn old church with some lovely old glassSt Peter Hampshire Archives 1562-1895 1562-1994 1562-1993
East WellowJust a beautiful church blessed with extraordinary wall paintings, consecration crosses and so much else. It is possibly best known as the final resting place of Florence Nightingale.St Margaret Hampshire Archives and Romsey Library 1570-1938 1571-1988 Gaps to 1716 1570-1608 1647-1940
East WoodhayBrick built early C19th with some lovely monuments.St Martin Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1610-1997 1618-1950 1624-1909
East WorldhamThe view from the back of the church is wonderful. It has a simple old interior and a beautiful efigy to a Medieval woman from the C14th.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1690-1964 1692-1986 1690-1970
EcchinswellBrick built early C19th with some nice stained glass.St Lawrence Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1610-1673 1844-1976 1610-1673 1610-1673 1844-1955
EldonThis is probably the smallest church in Hampshire.St John Hampshire Archives 1918-19531919 x
ElingFirst cross the tidal waters (pay your toll) and come to a church which sits close to the water and has an ancient past. It is a mish mash of architecture but a real sense of its past. There is a memorial to some who were caught up in the Titanic disaster and there is a small Saxon stoop.St Mary, Totton Hampshire Archives 1538-1553 1559-1974 1539-1993 Gaps to 1651 1537-1978 Gaps to 1585
EllinghamHere lies Dame Alice Lisle and it is worth coming here to think about English justice. The history behind her death is a lesson in lives led by duty and loyalty. Inside there are many interesting monuments and it is a different church in so many ways. Tke the time to come but read about the case of Alice first.St Mary & All Saints Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1596-1978 1596-1962 1596-1988
EllisfieldIt seems so much more ancient but this church was built in the C19thSt Martin Hampshire Archives 1606-1941 1606-1987 1606-1981
ElvethamThis is a church and place with connections to Queen Elizabeth I. It has undergone the usual Victorian restoration but it is worth visiting and thinking about the Queen who was so lavishly entertained at the nearby Elvetham House, now long gone.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1638-1980 1639-1969 1638-1902
Emery DownA C19th brick built church by Butterfield.Christ Church Hampshire Archives and Totton Library x 1865-1998 x
EmpshottThis is an old church with a wonderful interior, narrow aisles and old pews. John Small cricketer, buried in Petersfield spent his young life in Empshott.Empshott, Holy Rood Hampshire Archives 1718-1993 1722-1974 1772-1992
EmsworthThe early C19th church by Eliot is a wide open light filled space.St James Hampshire Archives 1841-1992 1848-1997 1841-1913
Enham AlameinA special church in a special place. Visit to reflect and see the military shields in stained glassSt George Hampshire Archives 1923-1972 x x
EversleyThe church is the burial place of Charles Kingsley, he of the Water Babies and the simple words on the cross above his grave 'We love, We loved, We will love' are just beautiful. A perfest reason to visit this lovely church.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1559-1967 Gaps to 1653 1559-2003 Gaps to 1653 1559-1992 Gaps to 1653
EwhurstC19th churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1684-1810 1815-1960 1682-1812 1840-1959 1687-1812 1817-1886
ExburyEarly C20th 1907 designed by Scott. It houses one of the most touching war memorials to a son seen in Hampshire.St Katherine Hampshire Archives and Hythe Library 1813-1913 1756-1995 1827-1992
ExtonThis church still sits at the heart of the village of the East Saxons and as it sits upon a rise in the ground probably occupies the space of a much earlier place of worship. One of the Meon Vally churches it has a puzzle on one of its memorials and one of the most interesting decorated headstones, can be found inside the church.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives 1579-1929 1579-1975 Gaps to 1627 1579-1991 Gaps to 1726
FaccombeAn old church much restored but go to visit and see the wonderful Norman fontSt Barnabas Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1580-1971 1586-1978 1586-1989
Fair OakA pretty C19th church delicate and well balanced, Colson 1863. It has an aspe like end to the chancelSt Thomas Hampshire Archives 1871-2003 1863-2003 1871-1976
FarehamEarly C19th churchHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1836-1980 1847-1993 1836-1896
FarehamIt may not seem like it but this is an ancient church, look out for its Saxon rootsSt Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1558-1976 1558-1988 1558-1992
Farleigh WallopHome to the Wallops and they are well remembered in the church.St Andrew Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1840-1987 1839-1980 1840-1988
Farley ChamberlayneOne of the prettiest and highest of Hampshire churches. Robbed of its community by the black death it sits alone looking out across Hampshire fields. Grandmother of King Henry VII is recorded on one of the Paulett slabs - a link to the House of Lancaster. Don't miss seeing the beacon which once spread the news from hill to hill across the country.St John Hampshire Archives 1593-1962 Gaps to 1699 1645-1978 1612-1992 Gaps to 1765
FarlingtonC19th churchSt Andrew Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library 1538-1960 1538-1967 1538-1965
FarnboroughThere is a sense of strength and majesty inside the church. Great timbers in the porch and supporting the tower add to the feel and knowledge of an old church. The chancel screen and gallery are Jacobean.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1584-1953 1584-1969 1584-1945
FarringdonA wonderful church with links to Gilbert White. The preaching cross and yew tree are especially worth a visit.All Saints Hampshire Archives 1559-2006 1559-1984 1559-1876
FawleyThe church sits close to Southampton Water and is an ancient place. Inside the great sweeping arches give the air of a large space of worship. There is evidence of its Saxon past and the Norman work on the arches and tower look so fresh. Sitting so close to the water and the port of Southampton one can only wonder at the history seen inside these walls.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Hythe Library 1678-1999 1678-1998 1673-1980
FleetBrick built mid C19th church which was restored in the 1930's. The painted bricks and style are very interesting.All Saints Hampshire Archives 1863-1970 1863-1956 1864-1972
FordingbridgeA must see church full of intriguing history. See the 'sharpening stone' on the exterior wall and inside the arches, arcades and spectacular roof of the Lady Chapel are wonderful. St Mary Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1642-1980 1642-1981 1642-1963 Gaps to 1751
Four MarksMid C20th churchGood Shepherd Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1945-1979 1945-1981 1976-2000
FroxfieldC19th church BlomfieldSt Peter High Cross Hampshire Archives 1544-1907 1544-1979 1545-1981
FroxfieldA quiet and pleasant church much restored.St Peter on the Green Petersfield Library 1544-1907 1814-1979 x
FroyleA very interesting church but go to see the East window which is a C14th delight with heraldic shields abounding. The colours are boiled sweet rich yellows, reda and blues. St Mary Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1653-1922 1654-1989 1653-1948
FyfieldA very pretty church with connections to Gilbert White of Selborne for his brother Henry is laid to rest here.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1628-1991 1629-1978 1628-1996
Goodworth ClatfordA splendid Medieval church with lovely decoration on the pillars and arches.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1538-1979 1538-1609 1623-2003 1538-1906
GosportMid C19th churchChrist Church Hampshire Archives and Gospert Discovery Centre 1881-1992 1913-1992 x
GosportInteresting brick built structure largely C19th with an Italian look to it. Holy Trinity Hampshire Archives and Gospert Discovery Centre 1696-1983 1696-1992 1696-1902
GosportBrick built early C20th - 1907. Architect BlomfieldSt John The Evangelist, Forton Hampshire Archives and Gospert Discovery Centre 1917-1938 x x
GosportC19th churchSt Matthew Hampshire Archives and Gospert Discovery Centre 1846-1950 1846-1950 x
GosportC19th churchSt Thomas, Elson Hampshire Archives 1845-1977 1846-1981 1846-1927
GrateleyA favourite church of ours because of the gorgeous stained glass, rich in colour. It sits alongside its manor and farm and is simply beautiful.St Leonard Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1665-1957 1654-1724 1754-1999 1675-1993
GrayshottEarly C20th church - 1901 with some lovely stained glass from the periodSt Luke Hampshire Archives 1874-1953 1901-1948 1905-1951
GreathamC19th church that replaced the old Greatham church as a place of worshipSt John Hampshire Archives 1559-1902 Gaps to 1658 1563-1978 Gaps to 1659 1558-1964 Gaps to 1657
GreywellAn old church with a rare thing, a rood loft intact.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Fleet Library 1604-1965 1604-1992 Gaps to 1826 1604-1979
HaleAn early C18th church with some nice memorials. It must replace an earlier building as there is a brass from 1600 set in the floor.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1626-1951 1626-1993 1626-1950
HambleAn exciting church to visit once part of the priory here it has a long, narrow and high nave and arch, all decorated with Norman work. The heavy door is covered in crosses.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1674-1973 1720-1978 1679-1979
HambledonHambledon is one of the nicest villages and the church is an ancient one. The tiny angel window is delightful but you need to see it with the light on.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives 1596-1978 Gaps to 1691 1596-1993 Gaps to 1666 1596-1951 Gaps to 1689
HanningtonThis church still has some of its Saxon features and inside that age continues with Norman chancel arch and squints continues.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1771-1994 1771-1993 1771-1962
HarbridgeA C19th church which sits in the water meadows, it has a light and airy feelAll Saints Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1679-1988 Gaps to 1712 1616-1993 Gaps to 1712 1572-1992 Gaps to 1690
Hartley MauditSuch a special church, it sits on its own, its village long lost but for the substantial fishing pond. It has the most wonderful Norman horseshoe doorway and the horseshoe theme continues on the font. St Leonard Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1672-1993 1673-1979 1678-1992
Hartley WespallThis is a wonderful church and unlike any other in Hampshire as a result of the massive timbers used in its west wall and the roof which rests on wooden pillars.It is the final resting place of an interesting chap, John Keate who was master of Eton College in the early 1800's and reckoned to be one of its finest.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1540-1938 Gaps to 1723 1558-1986 1558-1992
Hartley WintneyNow run by the Churches Conservation Trust, this is a wonderful Medieval church with box pews and a gallery and some wall paintings, well worth a visit.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1658-1995 1658-1994 1658-1971
Hartley WintneyLate C19th churchSt John Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1658-1969 1658-1967 1658-1942
HatherdenC19th churchChrist Church Hampshire Archives 1857-1988 1861-1977 x
HavantModern churchSt Alban, West Leigh Hampshire Archives 1959-1975 1964-1974 x
HavantModern churchSt Clare, Leigh Park Hampshire Archives x 1971-1976 x
HavantThis is an ancient church standing on a Roman crossroads. See the Roman tiles in the structure. So much going on here well worth taking time for a visit.St. Faiths Hampshire Archives 1653-1966 1654-1971 1654-1936
HavantModern churchSt Francis, Leigh Park Hampshire Archives 1954-1987 1955-1987 x
HawkleyLate C19th church with lovely stained glass.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives 1640-1797 1815-1981 1640-1978 1640-1797 1813-1981
HawleyModern churchAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1932-1971 x x
HawleyBrick built mid C19th churchHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1838-1962 1839-1991 1838-1945
Headbourne WorthyJust a perfect church with its own little stream. A Saxon doorway and a ruined carving of the crucifixion. It has many C13th architectural pieces.Headbourne Worthy Hampshire Archives 1615-1951 Gaps to 1660 1637-1984 Gaps to 1695 1637-1988 Gaps to 1695
HeadleyIt looks as though it has stood here for centuries but it was built in 1859.All Saints Hampshire Archives 1539-1963 1539-1967 1539-1962
HeadleyBrick built church built in 1867St Peter Hampshire Archives 1846-1917 1945-1967 1846-1975
HeckfieldA Medieval church with some lovely Elizabethan memorials.St Michael Hampshire Archives and Fleet Library 1538-1921 Gaps to 1707 1538-2007 Gaps to 1709 1538-1999 Gaps to 1707
Hedge EndLate C19th churchSt John Hampshire Archives 1874-1994 1876-1993 1875-1985
HerriardThis is a graceful church which gives us a spendid view of its Norman past in the decoration of its chancel arch.St Mary Hampshire Archives and abasingstoke and Alton Library 1666-1875 Gaps to 1721 1665-1963 Gaps to 1736 1668-1947
HighclereHighclere is tied to the memory of the Earl of Carnarvon but another man's memory is remembered here as well, Sir Richard Kingsmill, whose association with this part of Hampshire is long and interesting.St Michael Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1656-1991 1656-2003 1656-1947
Hinton admiralBrick built C19th Hinton AdmiralSt Michael Hampshire Archives and New Milton Library 1810-1920 1863-1996 1866-1992
Hinton AmpnerFragments of Saxon architecture peep out but one of the best things to see is the graffiti on the vestry door of the Lacey family in 1643 and look for the greensand headstone in the churchyard. You can visit the church without having to visit the National Trust property of Hinton Ampner.Hinton AmpnerAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1561-1903 1561-1639 1651-1982 1561-1990
HolybourneThis church has such a pretty setting alongside the duck pond. It was the church attended by Mrs Gaskell and one wonders what inspiration she drew from this ancient church. when she wrote CranfordHolybourneHoly Rood Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1690-1948 1692-1743 1823-1988 1694-1730 1745-1970
HookBrick built edifice from the 1930'sHookSt John Hampshire Archives 1945-2004 1939-2005 x
HoughtonThis ancient church is full of fascinating images of the past. It has an unusual and complicated array of graffiti as well as mass dials. HoughtonAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1669-1992 1670-2002 1669-1991
HoundAn ancient and still ancient place its very simplicity making it the perfect place to visit and contemplate the past.HoundSt Mary/St Edward the Confessor Hampshire Archives 1660-1961 1667-1989 1667-1941
HuntonMedieval church much restoredSt James Hampshire Archives 1564-1995 1575-1744 1754-1936 1564-1993
HursleyJohn Keble used to refer to Hursley church as 'Hursley Cathedral' but he would do as it was his work that turned the church into the edifice it is today. Aside from that the most interesting thing about the church is that it is the resting place of Richard Cromwell, son of Oliver and to whom he was a disappointed. All Saints Hampshire Archives 1600-1940 1600-1991 1600-1971
Hurstbourne PriorsLate C19th churchSt Andrew Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1621-1986 1604-1985 1604-1955
Hurstbourne TarrantOne of Hampshire History favourite churches. An old church with a Saxon font tucked away and lots of fascinating graffiti. From the heavy old door to the the ghosts of C13th wall paintings, the age of the church resonates throughout. Added to it is the village itself, full of history and charm. St Peter Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1546-1992 1546-1998 1546-1937
HydeBrick built mid C19th church by WoodyerHoly Ascension Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1856-1987 1856-1993 1856-1952
HytheBrick built mid C19th church by ScottSt John Hampshire Archives and Hythe Library 1823-1989 1844-1991 1823-1992
IbsleyNo longer in use as a church but as a craft centre.St Martin Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1654-1676 1708-1989 1654-1676 1706-1988 1654-1993
IdsworthThe most photographed church the fields sweep up the downland and the sunlight sweeps down to capture the single celled church in a perfect portrait. The wall paintings are wonderful and look out for the Medieval graffiti text on the oldest.St Hubert Hampshire Archives 1538-1852 1538-1939 1538-2001
Itchen AbbasC19th church with an unusual grave of horse thief John HughesSt John Hampshire Archives 1586-1942 1586-1699 1708-2000 1586-1600 1702-1993
Itchen StokeA mid C19th church full of lovely colours and textures, the great rose window and brightly coloured tiles are worth seeing. Now a Church Conservation Trust building.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1719-1969 1723-1732 1721-1991
KilmestonDown a lane in Kilmeston the pretty little church with stained glass window and ghosts of wall paintings make this a very peaceful spot to rest awhile.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1661-1960 1703-1973 1700-1992
KimptonThere is an orchard around about the church and is one of the prettiest places to visit in the Spring. Largely C13th and C14th there appears to be something from all periods to enjoy.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1589-1996 1593-1656 1671-1978 1593-1652 1670-1991
KingsclereKingsclere and its bed bug weathervane has wide open proportions and is quite a majesterial church with strong solid Norman arches but maybe overly restored. The important Kingsmill monument dominates the space.St Paul Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1846-1917 1846-1979 1846-1975
KingsleyThis is a very old church used by royalty when they hunted in the Alice Holt Forest. It has a very old tub font.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1568-1959 1568-1762 1845-2005 1618-1949
Kings SomborneOne of Hampshire's gems and a very warm and welcoming church, it justs tothe fore of somethingcalled King John's Palace, probably John of Gaunt and it has this sense of the ancient about it with a very old brass in the floor. Look out for the wonderful graffiti.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives 1567-1961 Gaps to 1731 1567-1989 Gaps to 1731 1567-1951 Gaps to 1731
Kings WorthyA restored church that has managed to retain its old church feeling. Lord Eversley, a great Liberal politician lies buried here.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1541-1988 1538-1646 1659-1989 1538-1967
Knights EnhamOne of Hampshire History's favourite churches. Tucked up next to its manor and farm it looks like it has been here forever. Now smaller than it once was it seems little altered from the C13th.St Michael Hampshire Archives 1683-1994 1697-2003 Gaps to 1814 1693-1992
LangrishMid C19th this is a well loved church and has such a pretty font. St John Hampshire Archives and Petersfield Library 1871-1934 1872-1976 x
LashamMid C19th but it feeld older. It has some nice stained glass.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1560-1949 1560-1732 1755-1978 1561-1978
LaverstokeA mid C19th churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1657-1935 1657-1990 1656-1989
LeckfordAn old church in the midst of the thatch and waters of the River Test it has quite possibly one of the oldest altars in the county.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1760-1984 1757-1975 1784-1992
Lee On SolentBrick built 1930's churchSt Faith Hampshire Archives and Gospert Discovery Centre 1930-1981 1933-1992 x
LinkenholtSeek out the ancient Echinoids in this ancient and pretty place.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1586-1741 1801-1988 1579-1738 1803-1972 1577-1741 1801-1989
LissAn old church with some good relics of the C13th. Not often noticed and a good church to exploreSt Peter Hampshire Archives 1599-1974 1599-1737 1754-1986 1599-1964
LissA late C19th church architect BlomfieldSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1898-1998
LitchfieldLate C19th churchSt James Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1626-1992 1627-1717 1739-1968 1629-1717 1731-1992
Little SomborneA Church Conservation Trust church, single cell and Saxon. It is a must see on the Hampshire church tour.All Saints Hampshire Archives x 1852-1952 x
LittletonA lovely little Medieval churchSt Catherine Hampshire Archives 1736-1966 1752-1989 1738-1997
LockerleyLate C19th churchSt John Hampshire Archives 1583-1866 1583-1981 1583-1920
Locks HeathA late C19th church designed by Christian.St John Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1893-1968 1896-1992 x
LongparishThe changes wrought upon this church over the centuries have not stolen anything from it. It sits as solidly as any Norman church. It contains some lovely C20th stained glass, has a Victorian font cover unlike any other and is a thoroughly agreeable place to spend some time in.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1654-1953 1654-1980 1654-1994
LongstockAnother church that sits in the water meadows and therefore occupies a beautiful spot and not far from the Viking boatyard. The church has been restored but it is a very pleasant place to stop.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1718-1985 1718-1999 1718-1988
Long SuttonTake time to seek out this old church, it is easy to pass by but has many old features and items from the past 600 years or so.All Saints Hampshire Archives, Alton and Fleet Library. 1561-1891 1561-1720 1733-1985 1561-1995
LymingtonEarly C20th church.All Saints Hampshire Archives x 1911-1982 x
LymingtonVisit to see the beautiful interior with the unusual gallery.St Thomas Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1658-1888 1662-1963 1662-1916
LyndhurstHere is a rare beast in Hampshire, a C19th Gothic revival church in full flourish including life size angels and other wonderful carved stonework. The brick arches simply fly away from you. Alice Liddell, who inspired Lewis Carroll to create 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' lies buried here.St Michael and All Angels Hampshire Archives, Lymington and Totton Library 1737-2001 1737-1992 1737-1999
MapledurwellThe sleepy church of Mapledurwell makes it feel as though time has paused awhile. It is a Medieval church restored in the C19th.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1618-1987 Gaps to 1813 1666-1988 Gaps to 1816 1618-1987 Gaps to 1813
MarchwoodA towering edifice of the 1840's by the architect DerickSt John Hampshire Archives 1843-1972 1846-2006 1843-1954
MartinThe village of Martin with barely a whole foot in Hampshire is such a pretty place, full of light All Saints Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1590-1880 1589-1978 1589-1898
Martyr WorthyOne of the Worthy churches with two fine Norman doorways.St Swithun Hampshire Archives 1542-1946 Gap to 1633 1550-1998 Gaps to 1633 1539-1990 Gaps to 1633
MattingleyThis has to be one of the most unusual churches in Hampshire, built in the C15th brick and timber, in fact there is timber everywhere you look and it seems little altered.Mattingley, dedication unknown.
MedsteadA solid little Norman church with much to like. There is some old graffiti and old Hampshire names scattered throughout.St Andrew Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1560-1947 1560-1724 1737-1995 1560-1702 1738-1917
MeonstokeCould the setting of this largely unaltered Early English church be any more lovely? It has such a light airy feel to it and see the delicate leaf patterns on the font. When you are finished sit by the River Meon and enjoy a drink at the Buck's Head.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1599-1966 1599-1994 1998-2000 1599-1928
MicheldeverThis Medieval church was restored in the C19th and is unusual in Hampshire. The tower is old and it's worth catching the gargoyles staring down. The Baring family left their mark here but the church is so much older than it seems. See the plaque to the unfortunate swing rioter.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1538-1978 Gaps to 1671 1539-2001 Gaps to 1754 1538-1923 Gap to 1791
MichelmershOne of Hampshire history's most loved churches. Great font, a wonderful knight and the prettiest modern glass windows that look out over fields where soldiers practised their archery skills prior to the battle of Agincourt. St Mary Hampshire Archives 1558-1943 Gaps to 1718 1559-1996 Gaps to 1718 1558-1869 Gaps to 1718
Milford On SeaIt has a wonderful view across the Solent and is a special small church with Norman origins and full of interesting items from all centuries including some lovely carved heads. All Saints Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1594-1972 1594-1983 1594-1942
MiltonAn old church much changed by modern restoration but nice and simply done.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1654-2002 1659-1977 1658-1987
MinleyA C19th church by Clutton. A little tricky to find, it sits behind the security cordon of Minley Manor, former home to the Officers' Mess of the Royal Engineers.St Andrew Hampshire Archives x 1871-1988 x
MinsteadThe church that looks like a cottage and inside a three decker pulpit and low galleries make it feel like there is so much to learn here. There is a great font and if that's not good enough reason to visit, the grave of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with its attendant pipes is well worth seeing.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Totton Library 1682-1859 1682-1957 1682-1914
Monk SherborneFull of Norman joy, look out for the Norman heads on both the font and the base of the chancel arch pillars.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1618-1986 1618-1982 1618-1980
MonxtonWhere once there stood a quaint ancient church there now stands a Victorian edifice, the old church pulled down by a very enthusiastic rector. Pretty much all was lost from the old church except some brasses which were duly screwed to the wall. Even the Norman font, which at first was retained was replaced.Monxton, St Mary Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1717-1931 1716-1998 1716-1994
MoresteadAn out of the way church but on a Roman road so was quite possibly the site of a much older place of worship. It has a Norman font.Morestead (dedication unknown) Hampshire Archives 1549-1992 1550-1925 Gaps to 1760 1549-1989
Mortimer West EndMid C19th churchSt Saviour Hampshire Archives x 1870-1981 1869-1982
MottisfontA refreshingly simple church with a wide decorated chancel arch. It was restored in the 15th century but the nave remains with it's Norman walls and it still has the feel of a largely unaltered church. For those who love clocks there is a rather special treat.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1701-1915 1701-1983 1701-1950
Nateley ScuresBuilt sometime in the last quarter of the 12th century, this church is unique in Hampshire in that it has an aspe 16 feet in diameter and a nave 30 feet long. In fact it is thought this single cell aspidal church is the only one in the country. It has a beautiful Norman doorway with decorative carving, including a mermaid.St Swithun Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1666-1987 1721-1988 1679-1987
Nether WallopThe home of the cricket bat come and see the willows dipping into the chalk streams but take a moment to see one of the lovliest church wall paintings, that of St George fighting the dragon. The expressions on the faces watching from the tower are particularly interesting. In the churchyard is that pyramid to a Doctor of Physick.St Andrew Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1629-1892 1631-1988 1631-1678 1776-1958
Netley MarshMid C19th churchSt Matthew Hampshire Archives and Totton Library 1854-1993 1855-1996 1854-1924
New AlresfordThis splendid church is the final resting place of a group of Napoleonic French prisoners of war.St John Hampshire Archives 1714-1971 1724-2001 1678-1949
NewnhamCome to see the Norman carving of the chancel arch.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1752-1972 1756-1988 1762-1932
Newton ValenceHere the church lies as close as any to its magnificent manor house. The wonderful yew tree suggests a very old place of worship and inside the work of Norman masons is evident.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1538-1896 Gaps to 1623 1539-1979 Gaps to 1718 1539-1992 Gaps to 1718
Newton (Burghclere)Mid C19th churchSt Mary & St John Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1666-1890 1679-1682 1731-1978 1750-1966
Newton (Soberton)Late C19th churchHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives 1850-1904 1850-1999 1850-1950
North BaddesleyThis small church is held aloft with the most lovely views but search the graveyard for the two grave stones whose inscriptions tell a story of conflicted justice.St John Hampshire Archives and Romsey Library 1682-1982 1682-1990 1682-1967
North HaylingThere is a lovely feel to this church a sense of calm. It is an ancient church and in the churchyard is buried a Russien princess, Princess Yurievskaya, daughter of Tsar Alexnader II of Russia.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Havant Library 1571-1980 1571-1984 1571-1975
NorthingtonAlmost cathedral like this C19th church has the most beautifully carved wooden pews.St John Hampshire Archives 1579-2007 Gaps to 1754 1618-1993 Gaps to 1741 1607-1993 Gaps to 1741
North StonehamThere are so many interesting things to consider from the timbers of HMS Thundered that make the lychgate to the one handed clock on the tower. For us though the Italian tomb that tells us that this place was the burial place for the Guild of Slavonians is thr prize. There were merchants who came via the port of Southampton to St Giles Fair in Winchester. So many were making the journey that in 1491 they bought a tomb for any souls lost in this foreign land. St Nicholas Hampshire Archives 1640-1974 1640-1988 1640-1980
North TadleyModern churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1896-1906 1957-1967 1961-1976 x
North WalthamAn ancient church with a very pretty C15th font.St Michael Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1654-1978 1654-1999 1654-1914
NurslingThe church now sits in a rather odd setting with little for company. It is here that St Boniface came to study with monks in the nearby Abbey. There is a tablet to commemorate this event. There is a fine Elizabethan canopied tomb to Richard Mille and his wife.St Boniface. Includes Rownhams events up to 1855 Hampshire Archives and Romsey Library 1617-1930 1660-1995 1630-1943
NutleyMid C19th churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1813-1950 1758-1941 1801-1945
OdihamNot only is this a lovely ancient church inside there is plenty to see outside. We cannot think of another parish church in Hampshire that has a pest or plague house attached to it ready to give succor to those suffering or to quickly bury them. Stocks outside the gate and the graves of Napoleonic prisoners of war. Odiham was a parole town for these prisoners.All Saints Hampshire Archives, Farnborough and Fleet Library 1538-1953 1538-1993 1538-1943
Old AlresfordIn this church see the memorial to Admiral Rodney and to Mary Sumners responsible for the establishment of the Mother's Union.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1556-1866 1539-2005 1562-1903
Old BasingThe earliest part of this lovely church dates back to 1089. The dominant features are the Paulet tombs late C15th. Worth looking for is the architectural graffiti on the south wall, a rare example in Hampshire.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1668-1947 Gaps to 1757 1655-1965 Gaps to 1749 1655-1680 1695-1923
OtterbourneMid C19th churchSt Matthew Hampshire Archives and Chandlers Ford Library 1648-1956 1647-1653 1663-1988 1648-1942
OvertonAn interesting church but it is the door that is amazing and unique in Hampshire it is hinged in the middle and so sort of folds back in on itself.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1621-1972 Gaps to 1668 1621-1972 Gaps to 1754 1617-1977 Gaps to 1695
Over WallopA much restored church but it has one of the prettiest fonts from the C15th and is well worth a visit.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1684-1719 1729-1967 1540-1703 1733-2007 1538-1992 Gaps to 1730
OvingtonA pretty church built in the mid C19thSt Peter Hampshire Archives 1591-1991 1591-1980 1591-1990
OwsleburyAn interesting church which sits next to the Glebe Field in the village. Visit to see the Carnegie windows, meant to have inspired Van Gough.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1696-1900 1696-1990 Gaps to 1747 1678-1887
PamberThe church at Pamber is all that is left of the old priory and is the chancel of the monks. Wall paintings and the consecration crosses are still visible. It has a rare object, a wooden carved knight from the C13th or C14th.St Mary & St John (Priory) Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1661-1935 1661-1980 1661-1997 Gaps to 1780
PaulsgroveMid C20th churchSt Michael Hampshire Archives 1948-1991 1955-1984 x
PenningtonBrick built mid C19th churchSt Mark Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1839-1988 1839-1996 1839-1992
Penton MewseyAn old church in a pretty spot, a little over restored but it has a nice font and some small piece of Medieval glass.Holy Trinity Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1648-1664 1673-1926 1648-1663 1673-1977 1647-1664 1673-1995
PetersfieldThis wonderful Norman church sits centre place in the market town of Petersfield. Now stripped of its pews the architecture of the church stands proud. The chancel arch is particularly beautifal. Local stained glass window maker Harold Thomson made the brilliantly coloured St Peter window. Agricutural pioneer Worlidge has a plaque in the church. St Peter Hampshire Archives and Petersfield Library 1558-1996 1558-1996 1558-1875
PlaitfordAn ancient church with some unusual old tiles decorated with lions and dragons.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Romsey Library and Romsey Library. 1715-1933 Gaps to 1784 1717-1734 1748-2005 1710-1992 Gaps to 1784
PophamLost in the history of time, the cemetery is there but where is the church?St Catherine Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1628-1945 Gaps to 1813 1630-1942 Gaps to 1839 1637-1979 Gaps to 1881
PorchesterSurely a unique position, sitting inside the walls of the castle and with the sea lapping close by. Built in the 1120's this church was built for a community of Augustinian monks from France. The Norman font is one of the most beautiful in Hampshire full of symbolismSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1605-1988 Gaps to 1733 1620-1994 Gaps to 1733 1619-1959 Gaps to 1733
PortsdownChrist Church Hampshire Archives 1871-1995 1875-1954 1964-1999 1874-1992
PortsmouthEarly C19th church by OwenAll Saints, Landport Hampshire Archives 1828-1975 1839-1999 x
PortsmouthEarly C19th church by OwenAll Saints, Landport (St Martin Mission) Hampshire Archives 1908-1919 x x
PortsmouthModern churchAscension, North End Hampshire Archives 1923-1967 1926-1992 x
PortsmouthNo longer there.Circus Church, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1918-1950 1922-1947 x
PortsmouthModern churchHoly Spirit, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1958-1970 1958-1973 x
PortsmouthHoly Trinity, Portsea Hampshire Archives 1841-1906 1845-1905 x
PortsmouthRoyal Garrison Church, Southsea Hampshire Archives x x 1741-1863
PortsmouthLate C19th brick built churchSt Agatha, Landport Hampshire Archives 1892-1950 1898-1942 x
PortsmouthSt Alban, Copnor Hampshire Archives 1907-1954 1914-1961 x
PortsmouthSt Ann, Portsmouth Dockyard Hampshire Archives x x x
PortsmouthSt Bartholomew, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1864-1958 1865-1958 x
PortsmouthSt Cuthbert, Copnor Hampshire Archives 1910-1986 1916-2001 x
PortsmouthSt George, Portsea Hampshire Archives 1876-1968 1876-1941 1961-1986 x
PortsmouthBuilt just before the First World War 1913St James, Milton Hampshire Archives 1844-1980 1845-1989 1845-1936
PortsmouthSt James, Milton (St Mary's Hospital) Hampshire Archives 1948-1967 x x
PortsmouthSt James, Milton (St Patrick's Mission) Hampshire Archives 1906-1979 1972-1992 x
PortsmouthSt John, Portsea Hampshire Archives 1789-1951 1865-1940 x
PortsmouthAnother church built at the begining of WWI 1915 ColeridgeSt John, Rudmore Hampshire Archives 1909-1978 1917-1977 x
PortsmouthReaching to the stars, this church is a mid C19th structure by OwenSt Jude, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1851-1961 1851-1989 x
PortsmouthMid C19th churchSt Luke, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1864-1960 1864-1962 x
PortsmouthBrick built C20th 1903St Margaret, Eastney Hampshire Archives 1901-1991 1910-1982 1958-1968
PortsmouthLate C19th churchSt Mark, North End Hampshire Archives 1874-1983 1875-1977 1910-1930
PortsmouthModern churchSt Mark, North End (St Francis Mission) Hampshire Archives 1940-1967 1962-1984 x
PortsmouthModern churchSt Mark, North End (St Nicholas) Hampshire Archives 1930-1972 1960-1979 x
PortsmouthThe current church was built in 1887 but there has been a church on or near this site since the Saxons.St Mary, Portsea Hampshire Archives 1653-1995 1653-1914 1927-1997 1653-1913
PortsmouthSt Mary, Portsea (St Barnabas Mission) Hampshire Archives 1896-1941 x x
PortsmouthSt Mary, Portsea (St Boniface Mission) Hampshire Archives 1928-1961 x x
PortsmouthSt Mary, Portsea (St Faith's Mission) Hampshire Archives 1904-1991 x x
PortsmouthSt Mary, Portsea (St Mary's Mission) Hampshire Archives 1925-1961 x x
PortsmouthSt Mary, Portsea (St Peter's Chapel) Hampshire Archives 1788-1794 x x
PortsmouthBrick built churchSt Mary, Portsea (St Wilfred's Mission) Hampshire Archives 1902-1982 1962-1977 x
PortsmouthSt Matthew, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1899-1941 1904-1941 x
PortsmouthSt Michael, Portsea Hampshire Archives 1872-1946 1882-1944 x
PortsmouthSt Paul, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1931-1942 x x
PortsmouthSt Peter, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1883-1986 1883-1970 x
PortsmouthA modern churchSt Philip, Cosham Hampshire Archives 1936-1973 1938-1979 x
PortsmouthC20th churchSt Saviour, Portsea Hampshire Archives 1919-1990 1926-1990 x
PortsmouthSt Simon, Southsea Hampshire Archives 1868-1966 1868-1980 x
Portsmouth St Stephen, Buckland Hampshire Archives 1902-1961 1906-1961 x
PortsmouthA lovely place with a great sense of community, almost as if it is split into 2 halves, old and new. Here is the final resting place of the Duke of Buckingham, murdered not too far away.St Thomas (Cathedral) Hampshire Archives 1653-1831 1840-1926 1653-1980 1653-1855
Preston CandoverAnother rocket to the sky by Blomfield with its brick arches inside. C19th but the older church or what is left of it lies just outside the village. Sheep were grazing when we visited, delightful.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1688-1994 1584-1992 Gaps to 1696 1724-1992
Priors DeanThis hard to find small church sits across the road from the fine brick manor house. The timbers in this building are ancient and the brasses remember the family of the manor, the Comptons.Priors Dean Hampshire Archives 1538-1978 1547-1977 1539-1978
PrivettBuilt for purpose in 1876 this Blomfield church rockets into the sky. Now run by the Church Conservation Trust, it wasbuilt by the Nicholson gin family. They were founders of the Marylebone Cricket Club and the family colours of yellow and maroon and seen repeated in the church may have become the 'eggs and bacon' tie of the club today. It is cathedral like inside with some nice stained glass.Holy Trinity Hampshire Archives 1538-1980 Gaps to 1731 1545-1966 Gaps to 1654 1552-1628 1653-1979
PurbrookMid C19th churchSt John Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library. 1858-1977 1858-1983 1859-1974
QuarleyThis is an ancient church with vestiges of its Saxon past. The churchyard is wonderful, visit in Spring and early summer when it is awash with flowers and insects.St Michael Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1559-1993 1560-2001 1559-1993
RamsdellBrick and flint church 1867 ColsonChrist Church Hampshire Archives 1868-1982 1869-1994 x
RingwoodMuch restored but this is a grand edifice.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives 1561-1897 1561-1930 1561-1894, 1949
RockbourneThis is a lovely ancient church with a C15th barrel roof and C18th pews. There are many memorials to the Coote familySt Andrew Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1561-1878 Gaps to 1771 1561-1978 Gaps to 1771 1561-1924 Gaps to 1771
RomseyThe Abbey is a beautiful and historic place and deserves several hours to explore it. Do not miss the 2 roods, one inside and one outside. Masses of graffiti to explore as well.St Mary & St Ethelfleda Hampshire Archives and Romsey Abbey 1569-1997 1569-1998 1569-2000
RopleyAlas, alas St Peter's Church suffered a fire a few years ago and was gutted.St PeterHampshire Archives and Alton Library 1539-1965 Gaps to 1658 1539-1977 Gaps to 1755 1539-1989 Gaps to 1666
RotherwickThink of this wonderful structure as the wooden church for the tower arch and chancel arch are made of wood. It has a splendid C17th brick tower.Rotherwick Hampshire Archives and Fleet Library 1582-2000 1560-1995 1561-2002
Rowlands CastleBuilt in 1838 by OwenSt John Hampshire Archives 1841-1954 1841-1966 1842-1934
RownerAn old church with an interesting monument to Sir John Brune, it is carved from chalk. In the grave yard is an epitaph to Captain Burdon who died at the hand of the pirate, Paul Jones.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Gosport Discovery Centre 1583-1995 1583-1988 Gaps to 1976 1583-1952
RownerA modern churchSt Matthew, Bridgemary Hampshire Archives 1968-1987 1969-1988 x
RownhamsBuil in the mid C19th, it has some nice Flemish medallions in its windows.St John. Before 1855 see Nursling Hampshire Archives and Romsey Library 1855-1986 1856-1991 1855-1963
St Mary BourneA fascinating Norman church with one of Hampshire's Tournai fontsSt Peter Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1661-1960 1662-1990 1661-1897
SarisburyBrick built 1836 OwenSt Paul Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1836-1979 1852-1978 1836-1961
SelborneFor those who visit Hampshire an exploration of the village of Selborne is a must. The Gilbert White Museum sits amongst the rich countryside about which he wrote and in the churchyard a simple stone marks the spot where he lies. This is a lovely peaceful church with a glorious window depicting St Francis surrounded by all sorts of native animals and flora. We think it is one of the lovliest windows in Hampshire.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1563-1975 1557-1976 Gaps to 1663 1556-1641 1649-1953
ShaldenBuilt in 1865 by ColsonSt Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1686-1999 1687-1979 1687-1812
ShedfieldGreat looking church built in 1875. It was designed by the architect Colson who is buried here. The outside is stone the interior has brick arches.St John Hampshire Archives 1829-1994 1843-1998 1830-1993
SheetA pretty church on a mound built in the mid C19th and contains some attractive memorialsSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1868-1969 1869-2003 1872-1883
Sherborne St JohnClose to the Vyne is the village of Sherborne St John and the church is worth visiting to see the massive kingpost roof.St AndrewHampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1652-1969 1653-1980 1652-1705 1735-1879
Sherfield EnglishEarly C20th churchSt Leonard Hampshire Archives 1640-1963 1645-1980 1640-1963
Sherfield on LoddonAlthough this is not an ancient church it is attached to a pretty village and has a brass to Stephen Hadnall who was gentleman of the privy chamber to Mary Tudor. There is some interesting graffiti around the south doorway.St Leonard Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1574-1658 1683-2004 1574-1998 1574-1667 1684-1977
Shipton BellingerA fine squat Medieval church restored in the C19th St Peter Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1562-1727 1749-1986 1546-1722 1813-1990 1565-1723 1756-1972
SilchesterSilchester is an extraordinary place, the Roman remains and excavations have unearthed what they believe to be one of the earliest Christian churches and yet sitting just inside those walls is a Norman church much altered but with many interesting C15th work including a lovley chancel screen.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1653-1994 1653-2003 1653-1930
SmannellA pretty brick and flint church built in 1857Christ Church Hampshire Archives 1857-1965 x x
SobertonThis is a very special church full of character and history. It is the final resting place for Walter Curle protegee of Archbishop Laud and Bishop of Winchester who escaped the Roundheads in a dung cart. He was present at the siege of Winchester. His tomb has been badly damaged. There is a tulip on a headstone and a bunch of keys on the tower and a graffiti ship so much to look at.St Peter Hampshire Archives 1546-1879 1538-1666 1694-2000 1538-1957 Gaps to 1769
SopleyThis quite delightful church in the water meadows holds various figures in stone. An old figure of St Michael and then two figures thought to be as old as 1270 and foundrs of the church. This is unlike anything seen elsewhere in Hampshire. Carved heads thought to be Edward III and Queen Phillipa adorn one of the arches. The timbered roof has some lovely coloured bosses.St Michael Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1682-1988 1682-1987 1678-1941
SouthamptonAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1723-1915 1723-1876 1723-1812 1855-1880
SouthamptonAll Saints, Redbridge Hampshire Archives 1956-1960 1964-1967 x
SouthamptonAscension, Bitterne Park Hampshire Archives 1899-1913 1926-1946 x
SouthamptonC19th church built in 1865Christ Church, Freemantle Hampshire Archives 1856-1950 1866-1906 1916-1974 1875-1929
SouthamptonChrist Church, Highfield Hampshire Archives 1847-1954 1848-1977 1850-1881
SouthamptonNow a ruinHoly Rood Hampshire Archives 1653-1812 1653-1812 1653-1812
SouthamptonBuilt in 1865Holy Saviour, Bitterne Hampshire Archives 1852-1913 1853-1906 1853-1881
SouthamptonHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives 1848-1940 1848-1940 1848-1877
SouthamptonLate C19th churchHoly Trinity, Millbrook Hampshire Archives 1633-1965 1633-1961 1633-1918
SouthamptonMid C19th churchHoly Trinity, Weston Hampshire Archives 1865-1975 1865-1957 x
SouthamptonLate C19th churchSt Augustine, Northam Hampshire Archives 1856-1977 1856-1977 1856-1900
SouthamptonSt Barnabas Hampshire Archives x x x
SouthamptonBrick built C19thSt Denys, Portswood Hampshire Archives 1867-1884 x 1867-1888
SouthamptonSt Francis Hampshire Archives x x x
SouthamptonModern churchSt Hugh, Maybush Hampshire Archives 1951-1960 x x
SouthamptonSt James, Docks Hampshire Archives 1858-1967 1858-1967 1933-1955
SouthamptonSt James, Shirley Hampshire Archives 1836-1903 1837-1905 1836-1911
SouthamptonSt James, West End Hampshire Archives 1840-1973 1840-1981 1840-1972
SouthamptonModern churchSt Jude, Shirley Warren Hampshire Archives x x x
SouthamptonSt Lawrence with St John Hampshire Archives 1768-1813 1754-1811 1768-1813
SouthamptonSt Luke, Newtown Hampshire Archives 1853-1980 1853-1979 1854-1878
SouthamptonSt Mark Hampshire Archives 1889-1982 1892-1963 x
SouthamptonSt Mark, Woolston Hampshire Archives 1864-1898 1864-1911 x
SouthamptonSt Mary Hampshire Archives 1675-1966 1675-1976 1675-1871
SouthamptonSt Mary Extra Hampshire Archives 1681-1972 1681-1813 1843-1978 1681-1930
SouthamptonSt Mary, Sholing Hampshire Archives 1866-1964 1867-1970 1866-1924
SouthamptonSt Mary, Swaythling (South Stoneham) Hampshire Archives 1663-1951 1663-1903 1663-1860
SouthamptonSt Matthew Hampshire Archives 1870-1962 1870-1944 x
SouthamptonSt Michael Hampshire Archives 1552-1927 Gaps to 1664 1552-1956 Gaps to 1664 1552-1878 Gaps to 1664
SouthamptonSt Peter Hampshire Archives 1861-1976 1861-1977 x
SouthamptonSt Peter, Maybush Hampshire Archives 1932-1972 x x
South BaddesleyChurch built in 1858 with a very different lookSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Lymington Library 1858-1928 1860-1978 1859-1992
South HaylingA Hampshire treasure. This church is ancient and filled with amazing architecture, the base of a Saxon cross, a font unlike any other seen in Hampshire. The corbels are finely carved and it has ship graffiti.South Hayling, St Mary Hampshire Archives 1672-1967 1672-1979 1672-1980
South WarnboroughCome here to see the White monuments the family whose presence in this church is very apparent. A rare survivor is its rood loft, so few of these survive. St Andrew Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1539-1963 1539-1989 1539-1969
SouthwickThe church sits within the Southwick estate and as such has many fine memorials to the Thistlethwaite family but it has so much more including 2 fine graffiti hands on the lead lining of the font and it is the final resting place of Richard Norton whose history is bound to this place.St James Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1586-1979 1628-1998 1628-1926
SparsholtThis is a lovely church with lots to explore including an array of fascinating graffiti. St Stephen Hampshire Archives 1607-1963 1630-2003 1628-1919
SteepThis is a peaceful church, old but much renovated but it has modern day connections with many arts scholars who attended Bedales, the school known for its arts and crafts heritage.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Petersfield Library 1610-1960 Gaps to 1695 1610-1974 Gaps to 1697 1610-1891 Gaps to 1695
SteventonAnother church with connections to Jane Austen although much has gone since she was here, the font and pulpit removed and the house where she was born, pulled down. For all that it has the lovliest setting and good walks can be taken from the church car park. The 2 faces that greet you on entering the church are particularly fine.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1604-1725 1738-1988 1604-1727 1738-2004 1607-1695 1738-1988
StockbridgeHere there are 2 churches, the old and the new. The chancel of the old church remains and inside a piece of wall painting the significance of which is to celebrate Queen Elizabeth I's victory over the Spanish at the Amarda. In the graveyard look for the resting place of John Bucket. The new church has lots to recommend a visit, spot the old glass amongst the new and the coiled beast outside.St Peter Hampshire Archives 1663-2004 1670-2006 1669-1918
Stoke CharitySitting in the water meadows there are few prettier locations and inside this church with its ever shifting levels has an array of C17th tombs and plaques, each one a little treasure in its own right with some helpful explanatory notes.St Mary and St Michael. Hunton marriages from 1936 Hampshire Archives 1540-1995 1542-1975 1540-1991
Stratfiled SayeFor those with an interest in the Duke of Wellington then a visit to the church is needed. The church itself is C18th with a gallery from which the family could sit and observe those below but of particular interest are the memorials.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1539-1962 1539-1981 1539-1871
Stratfield TurgisAnother church with links to Wellington, seek out the final resting place of his groom who led his horse at the head of Wellington's funeral procession.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1672-1971 1672-1971 Gaps to 1814 1674-1974
SwanmoreMid C19th churchSt Barnabas Hampshire Archives 1845-1978 1846-2006 1846-1993
SwayBrick built church 1839St Luke Hampshire Archives 1839-1958 1843-1982 1839-1981
SydmontonEstate churchSt Mary - see also Kingsclere Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1610-1673 1844-1976 1610-1673 1854-1980 1610-1673
TadleyA good solid church with a C17th brick tower and some good C17th woodwork throughout.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1683-1976 1691-2004 1695-1968
TangleyThe church has the only lead font in the county and it is a beautiful thing, placing a bookmark in time with its decorations of Fleur de lys, Tudor roses, thistles and sceptres. It is a lovely spot to visit.St Thomas Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1704-1920 1703-1990 1679-1995
TestwoodBrick built 1937St Winfrid Hampshire Archives 1938-1964 1939-1959 1946-1979
ThruxtonThe church of knights but perhaps the most special thing to see when visiting this old church is the oak carving of an Elizabethan lady. In fact there are several instances of lovely wood carving in the church.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1600-1693 1702-1921 1603-1667 1708-1978 1607-1992 Gaps to 1721
TichborneThis is an ancient church tucked into the side of a hill. The pews are magnificent and the modern windows very beautiful but the very special place is the Catholic chapel which was given dispensation by the crown to allow the Tichborne family to worship their faith inside an Anglican church.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1667-1948 Gaps to 1773 1716-1745 1755-1981 1713-1992 Gaps to 1774
TimsburyAlas the church was visited by fire in 2014 but there is still so much to admire about this ancient structure.St Andrew Hampshire Archives 1564-1964 Gaps to 1815 1564-1980 Gaps to 1760 1564-1997 Gaps to 1813
TitchfieldThis is a very important church in the history of the spread of Christianity in England for it is here that it is believed St Wilfrid began his mission passing up the Meon Vally. Roman brickwork can be found at the base of the tower. The Wriothesley monument is one of the finest in Hampshire. Add a sugar coating of William Shakespeare and a visit here becomes a must for the Hampshire historian.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1590-1982 1590-1984 1590-1919
TuftonA lovely ancient church simple and light but come here to see the painting of St Christopher possibly C14thSt Mary - See also Bullington Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1716-1992 1762-1985 1714-1992
TunworthA perfect small church set amongst the woods and fields.All Saints Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1749-1967 1754-1971 1756-1997
TwyfordOnce an old church the work of Waterhouse raised it to the sky with a spire 140 feet high.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1626-1962 1627-2003 1626-1950
UphamNot much remains of the old church but for all that visit to see the glorious stained glass and the beautiful faces that gaze down.undedicated Hampshire Archives 1598-1862 1622-2001 1598-1999
Up NatelyThis church has an unusual appearance, perched above the road with a brick tower inside it seems to have a luminous quality.St Stephen Hampshire Archives 1695-1987 1695-1988 1695-1988
Upper ClatfordAnother church in a water meadow that is quite picture perfect to look at, this Norman church carries many of its old features although much of C17th re-build is in evidence.All Saints Hampshire Archives 1571-1978 Gaps to 1690 1571-1990 Gaps to 1725 1570-1897 Gaps to 1725
Upton GreyOne of our favourite churches with a fascinating font and consecration crosses. The narrow dark chancel is unlike any other in Hampshire.St Mary Hampshire Archives 1558-1875 1558-1671 1680-1990 1558-1943
Vernham DeanWorth a visit to see the lovely Norman carving n this small out of the way churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1598-1701 1800-1991 1607-1991 Gaps to 1754 1598-1971 Gaps to 1813
WarblingtonWhere to start with this ancient and welcoming church. The grave yard has 2 watch huts to prevent bodies from being stolen. It sits on the coast with the ruins of Warblington Castle behind. Imagine what it witnessed during the Countess of Salisbury's time there. There are brasses and Medieval tiles, ships timbers and wonderful graffiti. Some interesting grave stones, definitely ,a not to be missed church in Hampshire.Warblington, St Thomas a Becket Hampshire Archives and Havant Library 1631-1965 1631-1993 1631-1966
WarnfordFirst find the church. It is set back from the road down a drive. The village once stood round about but it was moved. This is the church associated with St Wilfrid and his mission to convert the Jutish settlers of the Meon Valley. It has Saxon features including a Saxon mass dial, associations with Hampshire's famous Norman lord, Adam de Port and a super tomb belonging to Sir Thomas Neale and family who died in 1621 and served Queen Elizabeth I. If that is not enough then be tempted by the ruins of St Johns House or by the dragon on the font.Warnford, Our Lady Hampshire Archives 1541-1996 1604-1978 1617-1997
WaterloovilleC19th churchSt George Hampshire Archives 1832-1976 1858-1950 1831-1908
WaterloovilleModern churchSt Wilfrid, Cowplain Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library 1928-1992 1942-1984 x
West MeonThe old church in West Meon is long gone but go and visit the new one and be amazed by the carefully knapped flint work on its walls. See here also the final resting place of Thomas Lord for whom Lords Cricket Ground is named and spare a thought for the spy Guy Burgess whose ashes were scattered in the churchyard.St John Hampshire Archives 1543-1972 1538-1973 Gaps to 1694 1536-1924 Gaps to 1678
Weston PatrickThis is a restful place with some old parts but most moving are the carved inscriptions of names on one of the pillars of people who lost their lives in the Great War.St Lawrence Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1596-1996 1574-1875 Gaps to 1814 1575-1996 Gaps to 1780
West TistedThis single cell church hides itself away, follow the path and cross the shallow moat and there it is next to the manor house. Be prepared to be stunned by the enormous yew tree. A Norman church but look for the tiny Saxon window and surely the north doorway is Saxon? The Tichborne monuments point back to a more troubled time and the church is one of the few that feels as though time has stood still. A favourite of Hampshire History.St Mary Magdalene Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1560-1934 1538-1740 1754-1976 1538-1981
West TytherleyA C19th church located in a lovely setting.St Peter Hampshire Archives 1654-2007 Gaps to 1729 1662-1987 Gaps to 1739 1662-2007
West WorldhamThis is a single cell church tucked up next to its Manor Farm. It is like taking a step into the past but our favourite thing here is the coloured glass showing a parrot, a dove, a robin and a mermaid.St Nicholas - includes Hartley Mauditt marriages 1939-61 Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1653-1994 1654-1806 1832-1972 1653-1789 1813-1994
WeyhilWhere once the fields surrounding the church once sang with the noise of thousands of sheep and people attending Weyhill Fair, now the church sits looking rather alone with only a busy road for company. Stop and enjoy the pretty steeple and imagine it in a very different time.St Michael Hampshire Archives 1564-1966 1564-1988 1564-1915
WherwellLocated by one of Hampshire's chalk streams in one of its prettiest villages no excuse is needed to visit this church but it does have some interesting pieces of Saxon stonework exhibited and is tied to one of Hampshire's most important Saxon Priorys.St Peter & Holy Cross Hampshire Archives and Andover Library 1634-1709 1714-1984 1634-1709 1717-1997 1634-1709 1714-1984
WhitchurchThis is a church that carries its mark of hundreds of years of use in the artefacts inside. C12th pillars, a C15th font, Elizabethan brasses and a precious Saxon carved stone that tells us 'here lies the body of Frithburga'.All Hallows Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1607-1962 1605-1999 1605-1918
WhitsburyThe ancient church lies close to even more ancient earthworks. Once here a community thrived.St Leonard Hampshire Archives and Ringwood Library 1780-1750 1780-1811 1714-1750 1782-1969 1714-7150 1779-1973 1985-1992
WickhamIt is likely that the church is a very ancient place perched on a significant mound it could have Roman origins as it has been suggested that Wickham is a Roman town. See the capitals with their carving of St Stephens badge, the zodiac sign of Saggitarius.St Nicholas Hampshire Archives and Fareham Library 1556-1654 1695-1983 1556-1654 1695-1990 1556-1654 1695-1946
WidleyMid C19th churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Waterlooville Library 1813-1917 1754-1930 1813-1946
WieldA favourite Hampshire History church, tucked into the centre of the village this small single celled church has some good Medieval graffiti and the grand monument to Sir John Wallop who died in 1617.St James Hampshire Archives and Alton Library 1539-1695 1703-1938 1538-1970 Gaps to 1756 1539-1649 1687-1999
WinchesterLate C19th churchAll Saints Hampshire Archives 1950-2003 1902-1985 1935-1992
WinchesterMid C19th churchChrist Church Hampshire Archives 1861-1956 1861-1951 x
WinchesterMid C19th churchHoly Trinity Hampshire Archives 1854-1949 1854-1984 x
WinchesterAbsolute must for all visitors to Hampshire. There are no words to describe this intensely beautiful place.Holy Trinity, St Peter & St Paul etc (Cathedral) Hampshire Archives 1599-1994 1603-1755 1868-1973 1599-1987
WinchesterSt Andrew, Chilcomb Hampshire Archives 1556-1950 1631-1999 Gaps to 1799 1663-1934
WinchesterSt Barnabas, Weeke Hampshire Archives 1956-1991 1967-1988 x
WinchesterThis Medieval church sits alongside Hythe Abbey and has much to tell us about the history of Winchester.St Bartholomew, Hyde Hampshire Archives 1563-1991 1563-1648 1688-1990 1563-1855 1924-1964
WinchesterOne of the most amazing Norman churches in the country and along with the alms houses and brethrens hall must be seen. In a beautiful setting by the water meadows with glorious gardens. Inside the church is full of fascinating history.St Cross with St Faith Hampshire Archives 1631-1948 Gaps to 1776 1674-1972 1676-1977
WinchesterSt John Hampshire Archives 1553-1957 Gaps to 1602 1578-1596 1610-1980 1578-1596 1611-1945
WinchesterIt is easy to miss this church just up from the Buttercross but it was once part of William the Conquerors Palace and is where the Bishops of Winchester stop off as they progress to the Cathedral.St Lawrence Hampshire Archives 1760-1965 1754-2002 1760-1852 1911-1952
WinchesterSt Luke, Stanmore Hampshire Archives 1949-1967 1952-1984 1966-1983
WinchesterSt Martin, Winnall Hampshire Archives 1680-1965 1697-1801 1813-1965 1697-1940
WinchesterThis is an old church with a complex history but so worth a visit. It is a small and pretty church.St Matthew, Weeke Hampshire Archives 1573-1648 1675-1968 1573-1646 1674-1992 1573-1648 1675-1863
WinchesterAll that is left of this Medieval church is the tower that sits just off the High St.St Maurice Hampshire Archives 1560-1955 1538-1954 1538-1855 1910-1952
WinchesterSt Michael Hampshire Archives 1634-1984 1632-1665 1694-1972 1635-1855
WinchesterSee St Matthew WeekeSt Paul, Weeke Hampshire Archives x 1929-1987 x
WinchesterMedieval building now used as a theatreSt Peter, Chesil Hampshire Archives 1578-1948 Gaps to 1654 1578-1948 Gaps to 1668 1578-1642 1667-1947
WinchesterThis lovely old church sits above Kingsgate, you walk under it to approach the CathedralSt Swithun-upon-Kingsgate Hampshire Archives 1562-1976 1564-1925 1563-1849
WinchesterNow a housing developmentWinchester, St Thomas Hampshire Archives 1670-1969 1685-1969 1678-1855
WinchfieldThis small church quite isolated has inside the most beautiful carved Norman chancel arch. It is so unexpected, the carving deep and rich. The windows too have zigzags around them. It has to be one of Hampshire's treasures.St Mary Hampshire Archives and Fleet Library 1660-1966 Gaps to 1813 1660-2005 1659-1965 Gaps to 1813
WinsladeAn early C19th churchSt Mary Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1723-1840 1847-1977 1723-1807 1813-1973 1723-1977 Gaps to 1814
WolvertonA rather lovely brick built church from the C18th the style possibly influenced by Sir Cristopher Wren. It was damaged by fire but the beautiful pews remain.St Catherine Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1717-1971 1717-1993 1717-1996
WonstonAn old church damaged by fire but still some points of interest such as 3 mass dials to see. It had an ancient yew tree.Holy Trinity Hampshire Archives 1570-1875 1894-1960 1572-1875 1571-1875
WoodcottOld but much restored, see what remains of the ancient yew in its churchyardSt James Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1580-1983 1589-1754 1843-1969 1579-1983
WoodmancoteMid C19th churchSt James Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1762-1986 1772-1998 1840-1988
Woolton HillAlthough not an old church it is worth a visit to see the lovely stained glass there.St Thomas Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1849-1999 1850-2000 1849-1982
Wootton St LawrenceA Medieval chhurch much restored but with some nice monuments and memorials.St Lawrence Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1560-1960 1560-2003 1560-1960
WortingSweet mid C19th church by WoodyerSt Thomas Hampshire Archives and Basingstoke Library 1604-1975 1609-1725 1735-1976 1610-1971
WymeringAn old church much restored but it has Jane Austen connections and probably sits on a much older site of worship. The road and crossroads it is located on are Roman.St Peter & St Paul Hampshire Archives 1812-1995 1755-1977 1813-1946
YateleyThere is much to see in this old church but look out for the William Morris and Burne Jones windows, the wonderful tiles and work out where the anchorite cell was positioned. All quite fascinating.St Peter Hampshire Archives and Farnborough Library 1636-2001 1636-2007 1636-1974

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