What is the Hampshire History site all about?

Firstly thanks for taking the time to explore our site on Hampshire's history and hope you've found something to capture your interest. We are complete and utter amateurs, who, because of our love of our county and it's beautiful countryside and history, wanted to have a go at capturing things that caught our interest, via short posts and images and then mapping it. Errors and mistakes will inevitably creep in - where they do, apologies in advance - let us know, in a kindly manner:)) and we promise to fix it.

Who is the site for?

We get contacted by people engaged in all sorts of history projects including family history, those who are planning a visit or who have visited Hampshire or those like us, who just love the county and are intrigued by it's history.

Who are we?

Lifelong friends Amanda Moore and myself, Helen Banham. Hampshire is and has been our home since childhood, with the odd interruption. We have accumulated a mish- mash of skills, with particular interests in technology and education but also in art, culture and history, hence this site.

Hampshire History

Emsworth Quay

Hampshire History

Helen Banham

Place House Titchfield

Open Access

It's great to share and providing open access to data seems to us to be a very important principle. So feel free to use our images under a Creative Commons Licence but please give us the credit and a link back to Hampshire History would be hugely appreciated.

The day jobs get in the way sometimes, so there will be peaks and troughs in activity but if you can support us in our venture we would be delighted to here from you. If you have a specific interest or would like to link with us then please do contact us directly or leave a comment.

We hope you enjoy the site and come back to explore it further.

Thanks for taking the time to look

Amanda Moore and Helen Banham


Hampshire History

Amanda Moore

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