Hampshire Village Fetes

The verges of the roads are awash with them in early summer, not wild flowers but notice boards, lovingly painted by hand or fashionably designed, promoting the village fete. It feels as though every village in the county of Hampshire is galvanized into action. Its time for the village fete. The village greens are prepared,…

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Samuel Pepys and the Commissioner of The Dockyard Portsmouth 1665

Portsmouth Hampshire

This snippet relates to correspondence written by Thomas Middleton in 1665 (the time Of Newton) regarding the lack of seamen to man the ships in Portsmouth, as with many correspondents throughout the ages Mr Middleton appeared to actively dislike Portsmouth… “For my part to you as a frinde I declayre I intend not to make…

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Early Anglo Saxon Hampshire

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Early Anglo Saxon settlement in Hampshire is an elusive creature, traces found on the chalk ridges and river valleys allow us the merest peek of a time of important change. Are current day settlement patterns a result of settlement 1500 years ago or are they a consequence of later Anglo Saxon settlement?

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Hampshire The Oldest Shire in England

Over a thousand years ago, Hampshire held the seat of power in England. It is the first of England’s shires to appear in the historical record, ‘The AngloSaxon Chronicle’. AD 757, it tells us that the councillors of the West Saxons; ‘deprived Sigeberht of his kingdom, except for Hampshire.’ Hampshire as a unit of government is…

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Creating the ‘New Forest’

Forest Laws were introduced by William I and the New Forest in Hampshire was one of the most important of the King’s hunting grounds. For the local population however it was the imposition of a tyranny that brought them great suffering.

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Winchester Bible

It is thought Henry de Blois commissioned the stunning Winchester Illuminated Bible. From the text to the illuminations, it is quite possibly the most beautiful piece of C12th artwork in Europe

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Cenwalh Anglo Saxon King

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Winchester became the heart of the kingdom of Wessex thanks to the dynasty of the early Saxon king Cerdic but it was Cenwwalh, who, on converting to Christianity, established Winchester as an ecclesiastical centre whose force was felt throughout northern Europe.

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Winchester Jewish Community

Winchester Jews

Winchester had shown a tolerance to its Jewish community in the C12th, even as other English towns were rising against them but the rise in anti -semitism in the C13th saw a change in attitude and brought about a decline in the city itself

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Bishop Woodlock’s Ring

The ring of Bishop Woodlock was found in his grave in Winchester Cathedral and is considered to be the finest Gothic Episcopal ring in Europe

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What is a Hampshire Hog?

People of Hampshire are colloquially referred to as ‘Hampshire Hogs’ a reference to the Hampshire Pig which was bred out of the wild boar that roamed the New Forest a thousand years ago

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Hampshire’s Greatest Nobleman? Thomas Wriothesley

Sir Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton (Hampshire) , was quite possibly one of Hampshire’s most noble and influential lords. He amassed a fortune in lands and property in the county. His family would thrive upon his fortunes. Whilst his name and title has disappeared how is is his life connected to the county of Hampshire.

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Hyde Abbey

The final burial place of King Alfred the Great, Hyde Abbey in Winchester is as simple as Alfred’s life was great. Little is left of the once great Abbey and its buildings now quietly nestling in a residential area

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