The Tomb of Dame Margery Caryll

The tomb of Dame Margery Caryll. The old Norman church of St John in the village of Greatham was built in 1282. All that remains is the Chancel, the rest is a ruin. However inside is housed the Grade II listed tomb of the C17th manor holder of Greatham: Dame Margery Caryll (nee Freeland) (1594…

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St Mary’s Church Upton Grey

St Mary's church Upton Grey

Perched above the road on a hill slope is St Mary’s church Upton Grey At the bottom of the hill is the village pond and clustered around it are lovely cottages and houses, spanning all periods, twenty seven of them listed. Upton Grey is a beautiful village in north east Hampshire, with a history that…

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St Leonard’s Church Hartley Mauditt

St Leonards church in Hartley Mauditt Hampshire, sits in splendid isolation, it doesn’t even have its manor house for company. The ownership of the manor itself touches on key families in Medieval England.

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Nelson’s Monument

Nelson's Monument

Nelson’s Monument resting on the top of Portsdown Hill in Hampshire, soars away into the sky, with the bust of Nelson casting a keen eye, out across the waters of the Solent.

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Bishop Fox of Winchester 1501

Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox is a man little discussed when it comes to the Tudors but he was a great statesman and ultimately Bishop of Winchester in 1501, serving under the two great Tudor monarchs King Henry VII and King Henry VIII.

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Agincourt and Michelmersh

Agincourt and Michelmersh in Hampshire and the House of Lancaster

Agincourt and Michelmersh The 12th/13th Century church of St Mary’s in Michelmersh would have looked out over the adjacent field, filled with the soldiers and archers who would be accompanying King Henry V to battle at Agincourt. Scattered in fields and villages north of Southampton, King Henry V started to gather his troops, ready to…

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The Tichborne Family Chapel

The Tichborne family chapel in the church of St Andrew’s Tichborne is a rare survivor of a Roman Catholic in a pre-reformation church. It has a very different look to the rest of the church.

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Hampshire Horses

Chalkpit horse monument Hampshire

Is Hampshire the only county with a preponderance of horse graves? Are Hampshire horses particularly brave?

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WWI Memorial Donald Wood Chawton

The church of St Nicholas Chawton has a lovely memorial to a man, Donald Wood, who gave his life fighting for his country in World War I. Whilst visited for its Austen connections its lovely to remember others who also lie here.

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WW1 Memorial the Tillard Brothers

Tillard Memorial Sheet

WWI memorials can be fond in many Hampshire churches. Hampshire History is taking the opportunity to remember some of those who gave their lives. The Tillard brothers died within a few weeks of each other in France in WWI.

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Bonham Carter WWI Memorial

In remembrance of those who gave their lives in WWI, Hampshire History will be posting images of WWI memorials and associated artefacts and events,discovered as we travel through Hampshire.

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Guy Burgess and West Meon

The remains of Guy Burgess, the Englishman who turned his back on his own country during the Cold War to become a Soviet spy, lie in Hampshire, in West Meon church yard by the grave of his father.

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Beautiful Brockenhurst Church

St Nicholas Church Brockenhurst

The oldest church in the New Forest, Brockenhurst church, the church of St Nicholas, has a beautifully mellow look, as though it has occupied this position for ever. And it nearly has. Like several other Hampshire churches, St Nicholas is positioned on a mound, a sign that this position has been held sacred maybe since…

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