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Tudor 1485 – 1603 Period

Hampshire Trade Tokens

Hampshire Trade Tokens

Hampshire trade tokens were issued in the C17th and C18th when there was little small coinage to be had in Britain. Which places in Hampshire issued them and what did they look like?

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Medieval Shoes in Selborne

Medieval shoes

Medieval shoes never look very comfortable but they are brilliantly evocative of a time long past The Medieval shoe in discussion is the one with excessively long pointed toes. They are called ‘Poulaines’ meaning ‘shoes in the Polish fashion’ since they were thought to have been fashionable in Krakow in the 15th century. The Poulaine…

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Elvetham Hall

Elvetham Hall History
This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Hampshire Architecture

Elvetham Hall history is fascinatingly linked to the Seymour family and the Tudor royal family. The original house burnt down in the mid 19th century and a mighty Victorian Gothic mansion stands to replace it.

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Bishop Fox of Winchester 1501

Bishop Fox
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Winchester Cathedral

Bishop Fox is a man little discussed when it comes to the Tudors but he was a great statesman and ultimately Bishop of Winchester in 1501, serving under the two great Tudor monarchs King Henry VII and King Henry VIII.

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Margaret Beauchamp

Margaret Beaufort

Margaret Beauchamp, who became Margaret Beaufort, was grandmother to King Henry VII and two hundred years after her death is remembered in a Hampshire church in Farley Chamberlayne.

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Edmund Spenser in Alton?

Edmund Spenser Alton
This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series Hampshire People

The question of whether Edmund Spenser ever lived in Alton is based on a few tantalizing clues that allude to little that can be substantiated. So it is with many historical nuggets that glint in amongst the splendour of Hampshire history.

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Tudor Bramshott Place

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Hampshire Architecture

The tudor house at Bramshott Place has long gone but its gatehouse still stands, albeit in splendid isolation. There was a manor and estate at Bramshott at the time of Domesday. By the late C16th a wealthy cloth merchant from Godalming named John Hooke purchased the esate and built for himself and his family, a…

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William Warham Son of Oakley

William Warham Oakley

William Warham of Oakley Hampshire was a favourite of King Henry VII and became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1503. He was a diplomat and lawyer and friend of the great intellectual Erasmus.

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The Tudor Queen in Winchester

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral was the backdrop to the wedding of Mary Tudor and Philip of Spain. It was a ceremony set to impress the Spanish and the wonderful architecture of the cathedral did just that

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Titchfields Great Wriothesley Monument

Wriothesley Monument

The Wriothesley monument is a wonderful Renaissance monument in the ancient St Peter’s church in Titchfield Hampshire. It is the family memorial to the hugely influential Wriothesley family of Tudor England.

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The Mysteries of Wymering Manor

Wymering Manor in Portsmouth is one of Hampshire’s oldest and allegedly, most haunted houses. From the outside it presents a bit of a sorry state and its exterior belies its ancient past but it is a house full on intrigue and mystery.

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Paulet Family in Hampshire

The Paulet family are an ancient and important family in Hampshire and also played an important role in the history of England. Memorials to the Paulet family and its variant spellings abound in churches around the county.

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Netley Castle

Netley Castle and Abbey

Netley Castle faces out across Southampton Water, its back turned on nearby Netley Abbey and looking out for signs of a possible French invasion Netley Castle started life as the gatehouse to the Cistercian Netley Abbey. The early grounds of the abbey spilled outside of its present day boundaries and road, down to the shore…

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Upper Wield Church

Monument Wield Church

The church of St James in Upper Wield Hampshire is one of those simple C12th churches whose very simplicity give a sense of its ancient past and a present day serenity. See the monument to a member of one of Hampshire’s important families, the Wallops.

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