The Point Portsmouth

Portsmouth Harbour Hampshire

The Point Portsmouth consists of just a few acres around the camber in Old Portsmouth but is bursting with history and character at every step The Point is also known as the Spice Island, the origins of its name lost in the dim past. Maybe it referred to the smell of spices being unloaded or…

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Dame Alice Lisle

Dame Alice Lisle executed in Winchester

Damo Alice Lisle was the first to be tried by Judge Jeffreys during the court trials in Winchester that became known as the Bloody Assizes

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Hampshire Church Treasure Hinton Ampner No 15

All Saints church in Hinton Ampner has a Hampshire church treasure tucked away on its vestry door and reminds us of a time when the English Civil War was in full flight and heading for the southern counties of England.

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John Young Dean of Winchester 1616

What connection can be made between Winchester Cathedral and Exton, a small village in the Meon Valley? Can you solve the chronogram found on the memorial to Dean Young and how does it all connect with the village of Soberton. More intriguing Hampshire history.

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Bishop Walter Curle of Winchester

Bishop Curle of Winchester fled Cromwell’s army in a cart of horse manure, leaving his Bishop’s palace at Bishops Waltham heading for the small village of Soberton in Hampshire, where he is buried in the church of St Peter there.

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Mysteries of Hartley Mauditt

St Lawrence Church Hartley Mauditt

A visit to the little Hampshire church of Hartley Mauditt and its mysterious history, leaves many questions about its Cinderella position close to the village of Selborne

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William Cowper Hampshire Surgeon

The memorial and headstone to one of Englands most important surgeon / anatomists, lies in the church of St Nicholas Hampshire. A simple unpretentious church not far from Alresford.

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Samuel Pepys and the Commissioner of The Dockyard Portsmouth 1665

Portsmouth Hampshire

This snippet relates to correspondence written by Thomas Middleton in 1665 (the time Of Newton) regarding the lack of seamen to man the ships in Portsmouth, as with many correspondents throughout the ages Mr Middleton appeared to actively dislike Portsmouth… “For my part to you as a frinde I declayre I intend not to make…

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Who was on the Mayflower in 1620?

Who was on the Mayflower as it set sail from Southampton Hampshire in 1620 and why did it have to return to Plymouth? The sailing of the Mayflower from Southampton is one of Hampshire’s most iconic historical moments.

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Hampshire Botanist John Goodyer

John Goodyer botanist

John Goodyer was one of the most important botanists in England in the C17th and lived his life in various parts of Hampshire. Born in Alton, he worked in Buriton and lived in Droxford and Petersfield.

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English Civil War Cheriton

The Battle of Cheriton in the English Civil War gave the Parliamentarians the victory they needed to strengthen their resolution to defeat King Charles

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