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Victorian Period in Hampshire's History

Another Queen would grace the county to travel to her favoured haunt, a cherished home made with her much loved Prince Albert on the Isle of Wight, her favourite residence Osborne House.

Queen Victoria Osborne House Isle of Wight Hampshire

But whilst this extraordinary image of Queen Victoria surrounded by her family reflects the life of the Royal family not all was well for the general public and those less fortunate in Victorian Hampshire.

Taskers of Andover

Taskers of Andover Ltd

Taskers of Andover Ltd, Tasker & Co, Tasker & Sons the list goes on but the company is the same. In 1803, Robert Tasker, a twenty one year old blacksmith from Devizes, left his home to look for work and found a job with the blacksmith at Abbotts Ann. He was a hard working and…

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William Nicholson Gin and Lords Cricket

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Cricket and Hampshire

William Nicholson gin and Lords cricket ground, what do they all have to do with the history of the county of Hampshire? Well cricket and Hampshire fit hand in glove but what about a London gin distillery? Read to find out more about this fascinating history.

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