Norman Period in Hampshire's History

Hampshire bristles with England's Norman heritage.

It seems as if the Normans were intent on stamping their authority on community after community. The Norman Period in Hampshire's history 1066 to 1154 builds upon our early Roman and Anglo Saxon roots.

As part of this collection we will be identifying Norman sites within Hampshire, exploring what we can find out about the activities of the Normans and seeking out interesting resources.

The Norman Period gave us some stunning architecture

Many fortifications that survive today have elements that date back to the Norman Conquest, an example being Portchester Castle, which is one of the best preserved forts that dates back as far as the Romans. The magnificence of St Cross church Winchester and the splendid decorative church carving from one end of the county to the other.

Norman Period

St Cross Winchester

To get an overall perspective on the key dates and chronological order of events in Norman Britain see our Norman period page on Intriguing History here

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Norman Period

Norman Arch Petersfield

Merdon Castle

Merdon Castle

Between Standon and Hursley just off the A3090 sits Merdon Castle This little known ancient monument is now in private hands and so getting sight of it is tricky. If you drive along Castle Merdon Lane you can stop and take a look over the wall and you will see the earthworks on which this…

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St Michael and All Angels

St Michael and All Angels Knights Enham

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Andover Area Churches

The church of St Michael and All Angels Knights Enham, is a 12th century gem in Hampshire, 800 years worth of history to mull over. Situated in a lane alongside a farm, it’s easy to imagine souls of hundreds of years entering its doors.

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St Leonard’s Church Hartley Mauditt

St Leonards church in Hartley Mauditt Hampshire, sits in splendid isolation, it doesn’t even have its manor house for company. The ownership of the manor itself touches on key families in Medieval England.

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Norman doorway in Easton church Hampshire

Norman Churches

Hampshire is blessed with magnificent Norman churches whose wide arches are beautifully decorated with all manner of carving and whose fonts are square and strong.

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Portchester Castle history

Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle is breathtakingly beautiful, sitting on the northern shore of Portsmouth Harbour. Its Roman walls and bastions are as imposing today as they must have appeared seventeen hundred years ago.

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William the Conqueror's Palace Winchester

Site of William the Conqueror’s Palace

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Stroll up a tiny alley way in Winchester to see a vestige of what once was the site of William the Conqueror’s palace and a little way along the church of St Lawrence where his chapel once stood.

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