House of Windsor Period in Hampshire's History

A dynasty to bring another Elizabeth to the Throne, that would see a family sever connections with a Czar and a Kaiser, despite close family ties,changing the dynastic name to Windsor to distance itself from unpopular foreign connections. With the Mountbatten family later installed in Hampshire's Romsey's seat Broadlands.

House of Windsor the winds of change

Where Victoria's reign was long and arguably glorious her son and heir's was sadly cut short by his untimely death after just 9 years on the throne. In that short time he and those that would follow him led by King George V would set the course post the Victorian period to make way for the House of Windsor.

COPP Memorial Hayling

COPP Memorial

The COPP Memorial at Hayling. The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties (COPP) memorial on Hayling Island is a reminder of how the bravery of a few people had such a huge impact on WWII. The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties were made up of members of all three services, the Royal Navy, the Royal Airforce and the…

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Cold War in Hampshire

An Alresford Toilet and the Cold War

What is the connection between New Alresford in Hampshire and the Cold War? Well it might surprise you to know that one of the most unremarkable buildings in Hampshire a toilet block in New Alresford has a vital connection to the Cold War.

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Hamble Le Rice

Hamble Le Rice

Hamble Le Rice is bursting with history and delightful scenery. The settlement on the River Hamble estuary is ancient and intriguing and perfect for exploration.

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America's cup

1950’s Racing Chart of the Solent

1950’s Racing Chart of the Solent A chance find in a charity shop today turned up a racing chart of Solent and Spithead, how appropriate on the first day of the ‘America’s Cup’ hosted in Portsmouth for the first time in 164 years. Not being a sailor the chart is full of mysteries for me. The…

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The Pompey Pals

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In WWI Portsmouth was able to raise two battalions of ‘Pompey Pals’ the 14th and 15th Hampshire Regiment. Many enlisted at Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth Football Club. How must it have felt to these men of Portsmouth, many of whom would be fervent Pompey supporters, to enter the gates of Fratton Park, not to join the fray of a football game but to enter the affray of war?

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Hampshire history WWI Memorial

WWI Memorial Exbury

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The WWI memorial at Exbury Hampshire is a poignant memorial to the Forster brothers who gave their lives in WWI.

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