Elizabethan Period in Hampshire's History

The Tudor Period encompasses the extraordinary Elizabethan Age when Queen Elizabeth I kept faith, in true Tudor tradition, to the ideals of being a supreme monarch and to the state of monarchy. She was determined to keep these ideals at the forefront of her subjects minds and hearts.

In pursuit of this she went on Royal Progresses throughout her kingdom. Hampshire was home to one of her important advisers, William Paulet, whose residence at Basing afforded her great comfort. In August 1569, Paulet entertained the monarch for a final time on her progress.

Hampshire with it's south facing coastline was as important in Elizabethan times for Queen Elizabeth as it had been for her father King Henry VIII. Explore more of Elizabethan period in Hampshire's history with us as we investigate life in 1559 - 1603.

I will be as good unto you as ever a queen was unto her people

Elizabethan Period Hampshire

Paulet Tombs at Basing