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The House of Denmark in Hampshire's History

The C10th was to be the last one of Anglo Saxon England. King Alfred's reign set in motion a dynasty which, would create a united kingdom of England only to have it collapse. In the year 1000 AD a new wave of Viking raids took place and a Viking became King of England, the wondrously named,  Swegn Forkbeard. The House of Denmark , so named because Forkbeard and his son who would eventually follow him, Canute, came from Denmark. Their reign was a little interrupted but was an interesting one in terms of Hampshire history.

House of Denmark

Corhampton Church

Church set off road in field possibly site of a plague village

St Hubert’s Church Idsworth

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The Medieval wall paintings in the church of St Hubert, formerly St Peter, in Idsworth Hampshire are some of the most poignant Christian wall paintings to be seen. The chapel stands alone in a field, all that is left of an Anglo Saxon settlement, one of a number of lost Hampshire villages, after the spread of the black death throughout the county.

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