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Edwardian Period in Hampshire's History

King edward VII after the monumental reign of his mother had just 9 years to make his mark on history in a difficult period that would lead to WW1. In less than a decade between 1901 and 1910 what differences would this short reign make and be seen in Hampshire.

King Edward VII and King George with Son David Duke of Windsor

In this brief period much would change reflected in this one picture taken at a ROyal Fleet Review, off Spithead in the Solent as the three Royals watched on. King Edward VII burdened by hs mother's longevity, his son would become King George V and lead the rise of the Windsors through difficult waters and the horrors of World Wars and a son born to be King, known as David, who would eventually abdicate leaving his younger brother George VI6th to shoulder the trials of Kingship and gift us a 2nd Elizabethan Age.