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Family Names

Hampshire ‘Feet of Fines’

Feet of fines

‘Feet of Fines’ documents for Hampshire date back to 1199 and give surnames and placenames of people living in Hampshire in the Medieval period. These are important resources for Hampshire History and help to build a picture of community and settlement in the county.

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Hampshire’s Greatest Nobleman? Thomas Wriothesley

Sir Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton (Hampshire) , was quite possibly one of Hampshire’s most noble and influential lords. He amassed a fortune in lands and property in the county. His family would thrive upon his fortunes. Whilst his name and title has disappeared how is is his life connected to the county of Hampshire.

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Sir Adam de Gurdon

Sir Adam de Gurdon, one time knight and land owner in Hampshire became a notorious highwayman after losing his estates because of his support for Simon de Montfort in the Second Barons War

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Earl Godwin of Wessex

Earl Godwine of Wessex was one of the most powerful men in England before the Norman Conquest, the father of 5 Earls, father to the Queen of England and father-in-law to the King. Father to King Harold II. Quite an achievement for a man who died before he was sixty years old

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Warblington Castle

Warblington Castle Hampshire

Although little is left of Warblington Castle, on the southern coast of Hampshire, it was home to several notable families whose role in the history of England, was of extreme importance.

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Dipnol Dipnall Dipnell Family Name of Hampshire

Dipnalls from whence do they hail? Where does the name originate from and does it have place and family history significance that is relevant and prevalent in Hampshire, here is a quick introduction, find out how to find more information and how we are looking to find out names that are local and significant in Hampshire Family History, as far back as we can trace…

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Death of Jane Austen 1817

The death of Jane Austen in 1817 is still a puzzle but her gravestone in Winchester Cathedral is testament to her nature and nowhere does it speak of her being an author, just a much loved daughter and sister

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Saint Wilfrid in Warnford

The parish church of Warnford sits in woodland rather as it might have done when it was founded in AD 682, nestling by the River Meon

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