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Interesting Buildings

The Southampton Plot

Red Lion The SouthamptonPlot
This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Agincourt and Hampshire

The Southampton Plot was a conspiracy against King Henry V, concocted elsewhere in England but whose final blows were to be dealt in the city of Southampton The Southampton Plot was an intrigue that occurred in Southampton in July 1415. Southampton in 1415 was for a city preparing for war. The Hundred Years War had…

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The Dolphin Hotel Southampton

Dolphin Hotel Southampton Hampshire

The Dolphin Hotel Southampton is one of England’s oldest and most historic hotels. The core of the Dolphin Hotel Southampton, dates back to the mid C13th when Southampton was a thriving merchant city, full of tradesmen and visitors putting into port. The Dolphin Hotel at this point was probably a merchant’s house, its cellars full…

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Romsey Abbey

Romsey Abbey Hampshire

Romsey Abbey is an imposing Romanesque church and once one of the most important ecclesiastical sites in England. It’s Abbesses came from royal and high status families and before the black death amassed great wealth.

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Bishop’s Waltham Palace

Bishop Waltham's Palace Hampshire

Bishop’s Waltham Palace, the name itself conjurers up the magnificent place it must have been 900 years ago. Bishop’s Waltham Palace lies just ten miles away from Winchester Cathedral and was the noble palace of its Bishop’s who built a splendid residence for themselves and a 1000 acre park. Henry de Blois, that inveterate builder,…

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Hampshire Church Treasure Hinton Ampner No 15

All Saints church in Hinton Ampner has a Hampshire church treasure tucked away on its vestry door and reminds us of a time when the English Civil War was in full flight and heading for the southern counties of England.

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All Saints Church Steep

The church of All Saints Steep has a beautiful setting opposite the village common and school and with wonderful views East towards Petersfield.

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Titchfield Medieval Abbey

Medieval Abbey Titchfield

Place House in Titchfield is the site of a former Medieval Abbey, whose doors have been open to welcome many of England’s monarchs. This once important Medieval Abbey, fell at the Reformation and once given to the influential Earl of Southampton Sir Thomas Wriothesley

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Selborne in Hampshire, an ancient place in the beautiful Hangars of Hampshire. Home to the naturalist Gilbert White and backdrop to the notorious swing riots, the village has a plethora of magnificent buildings to admire. Take the historic Selborne walk, immerse yourself in the writings of Gilbert White or partake of refreshment in one of the lovely Hampshire Pubs, full of history themselves.

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Bramshott Mills

Bramshott in Hampshire, has a long industrial history associated with the production of iron and then paper, in a series of mills along the River Wey.

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