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Interesting Buildings

Warblington Watch Huts

Warblington Church Watch Hut

The rare watch huts in the church yard of the church of St Thomas a Becket in Warblington, are another intriguing facet of the history of this fascinating part of Hampshire.

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Langstone Mill

Langstone Mill and Harbour

Langstone Mill, is a mix of water and windmills, built in the Georgian period on Chichester Harbour and a stone throw away from the waters of Langstone Harbour.

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Ashley Castle

Ashley Castle Hampshire

Henry de Blois built Ashley Castle during the period of the Anarchy as part of his support for his brother King Stephen. Built in 1138, it was destroyed in 1155 before being rebuilt during the reign of King John.

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The Broughton Dovecote

Broughton Dovecote

The Broughton dovecote is an unusual piece of architecture sitting in the churchyard of St Marys but what is even more interesting is the mechanism unseen inside.

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The Mysteries of Wymering Manor

Wymering Manor in Portsmouth is one of Hampshire’s oldest and allegedly, most haunted houses. From the outside it presents a bit of a sorry state and its exterior belies its ancient past but it is a house full on intrigue and mystery.

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Old Blue Boar Inn Winchester

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Winchester Historical Landmarks

The Old Blue Boar Inn in Winchester is over six hundred years old built just before the Black Death visited Hampshire with such devastating results We are blessed in Hampshire with a wealth of ancient buildings, Saxon and Norman churches, Medieval houses, Tudor cottages, the list is endless but sometimes the very survival of a…

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