Historic Periods in Hampshire History Visit the different historic periods in Hampshire History from the Romans to the House of Windsor, find out what happened not just by dates but by phases of history, take a look at the juxtaposition of some of Hampshire’s events alongside what was happening nationally. These periods mirror the periods…

Saint Wilfrid in Warnford

The parish church of Warnford sits in woodland rather as it might have done when it was founded in AD 682, nestling by the River Meon

Names of Places and People

How can we create a unique project where we can share and build a picture of both meaning of place names in various periods and the frequency and location clusters for given and family names, with a view to contrasting them the national picture in due course,,,

Hampshire Old Map Southamtoniae 1575

Map of Southamtonaie (Southampton) the old spelling and what was the original basis of the County Area, which was enlarged to Hampshire as we know it today over time.

Hampshire History

Hampshire UK History, mapped, time-lined and connected across a range of historical themes. To help anyone interested in the history of Hants,to explore their own interests and help to build a unique resource. This is a new project for all interested in the history of Hants. Our aim is to create a platform to share and make new connections, a rich resource which will help us all gain new insights into the origins of this lovely county.