Michelmersh Font

Michelmersh Font Hampshire
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Michelmersh font in the church of St Mary’s in Hampshire, is a wonderfully carved Purbeck stone font but what are the gender of the faces staring down?

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Agincourt and Michelmersh

Agincourt and Michelmersh in Hampshire and the House of Lancaster
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Agincourt and Michelmersh The 12th/13th Century church of St Mary’s in Michelmersh would have looked out over the adjacent field, filled with the soldiers and archers who would be accompanying King Henry V to battle at Agincourt. Scattered in fields and villages north of Southampton, King Henry V started to gather his troops, ready to…

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Quarley Church

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Quarley church,the ancient church of St Michaels in Quarley Hampshire is surrounded by a flower filled graveyard and has its origins in Saxon England.

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Meonstoke Font

The font at St Andrew’s church Meonstoke, is a simple C12th example with a beautiful lead lining.

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Tournai Font St Mary Bourne

Tournai fonts Hampshire

The Tournai font St Mary Bourne Hampshire, is one of four Tournai black marble fonts to be found in Hampshire and wonderfully carved with symbols

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Tournai Font Winchester Cathedral

Tournai Font Winchester

The Tournai font Winchester Cathedral Hampshire, is still the only font in the Cathedral and used for baptisms. Carved with the story of St Nicholas, it has on one side a ship carrying travellers.

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Tournai Font East Meon

Tournai Font East Meon
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The Tournai font East Meon tells the story of Adam and Eve Many people come to the pretty village of East Meon to visit its magnificent Norman church and to gaze upon its black Tournai font, situated to the left hand side just as you enter the church’s south door. A gift from Bishop Henry…

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All Saints Church East Meon

All Saints East Meon
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The imposing All Saints church East Meon is a striking cross shape Norman building that sits above the floor of the Meon Valley and contains one of Hampshire’s four black Tournai marble fonts

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Baptismal Font Porchester

Baptismal font Hampshire

Hampshire baptismal fonts consist of many marvelous Norman examples. The baptismal font at Porchester St Marys, is an unusual example of a round font, carved with intricate symbols.

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