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Hampshire Church Treasures

Hampshire Churches Stained Glass

Hampshire churches stained glass

Hampshire Churches Stained Glass Stained and painted glass has filled the the windows of our parish churches and great cathedrals for over a thousand years. There are so many beautiful stained glass windows in Hampshire churches that on our history foraging expeditions we make sure to capture as many images of them as possible. These…

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Kings Somborne Church Carvings

Kings Somborne church carvings

Kings Somborne church carvings, it’s the little things that can sometimes have the greatest impact when searching out Hampshire history, as in the church at Kings Somborne.

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The Tournai Fonts in Hampshire

The Tournai Font Winchester Cathedral Hampshire

The Tournai fonts in Hampshire are fine examples of the work of the Belgian Tournai stone masons, who carved wonderful scenes from this dense black stone.

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Hampshire Baptismal Fonts

Baptismal Font Portchester
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Upper Test Valley Fonts

Hampshire baptismal fonts range from the Saxon to the modern with an outstanding collection of Norman and Medieval fonts. The historical significance of the baptismal font is immense. Baptism is one of only two rites, the other being the Eucharist, for which there is Biblical authority and as such the act of baptism, in a…

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Hampshire Church Treasure Hinton Ampner No 15

All Saints church in Hinton Ampner has a Hampshire church treasure tucked away on its vestry door and reminds us of a time when the English Civil War was in full flight and heading for the southern counties of England.

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