Hampshire Church Treasures 5: Winchester Cathedral

Inside the stunning architecture of a Hampshire church it is easy to miss the odd little gem, this church treasure can be found on the outside walls of Winchester Cathedral

Hampshire church treasures

Medieval Carvings Winchester Cathedral

Churches are full of extraordinary items, some of them tucked away in hidden corners.
Here is number 5 in a series of short posts, on the out of the ordinary artifacts and objects that can be found in Hampshire churches

Carvings Winchester Cathedral

Cluster of Carvings

There are hundreds of treasures to pick out in Winchester Cathedral, where to start? The treasure we have selected though, is found on the outside of the building, along the cloister walk.

Carvings Winchester CathedralTurn and look at the wall. It is covered in symbolic carvings, worn by time. Who carved them and what purpose did they serve?

They are Medieval in origin and totally delightful to behold…..