King Alfred’s Navy

King Alfred left many enduring marks on the county of Hampshire and England. One of his legacies is that of a navy. He designed ships to out do the Danish ships that threatened the southern coast of England.

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King Sigebert – The Usurper

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Sigebert ruled for one year, as King of Wessex, before losing his position on account of ‘wrong doings’. The importance to Hampshire history of this event is that its record in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle is the first time Hampshire is recorded as a separate entity.

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Vikings Move Against Wessex

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Alfred held out against the Viking invasion and showed great skills in organizing his militia, so that when the opportunity to crush the Danish attack, he did so, decisively and coherently at the Battle of Edington

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The Great Yew of Selborne

Great yews proliferate in the churchyards of Hampshire, one such example could be found at Selborne until it was brought crashing down in a storm in 1990

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Earl Godwin of Wessex

Earl Godwine of Wessex was one of the most powerful men in England before the Norman Conquest, the father of 5 Earls, father to the Queen of England and father-in-law to the King. Father to King Harold II. Quite an achievement for a man who died before he was sixty years old

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Saint Swithun

St Swithun in Winchester

St Swithun was created a saint 108 years after his death. His shrine became one of the most important places of pilgrimage in England but who was this man whom we remember because of the association between his Saints day, 15th July and the Summer weather?

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Early Saxon Hampshire

The early Saxons in Wessex shunned the Roman towns and religion preferring to settle with their own customs and pagan acts of worship. As Christianity re-emerged, the force of Royalty and Church, with Winchester as their seat, made its slow spread across Hampshire inevitable.

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