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The Shaftsbury Bowl

The Shaftsbury Bowl, the only complete piece of late Saxon glass in England, can be found in Winchester Cathedral museum

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Saint Swithun

St Swithun in Winchester

St Swithun was created a saint 108 years after his death. His shrine became one of the most important places of pilgrimage in England but who was this man whom we remember because of the association between his Saints day, 15th July and the Summer weather?

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Death of Jane Austen 1817

The death of Jane Austen in 1817 is still a puzzle but her gravestone in Winchester Cathedral is testament to her nature and nowhere does it speak of her being an author, just a much loved daughter and sister

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Early Saxon Hampshire

The early Saxons in Wessex shunned the Roman towns and religion preferring to settle with their own customs and pagan acts of worship. As Christianity re-emerged, the force of Royalty and Church, with Winchester as their seat, made its slow spread across Hampshire inevitable.

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