The Petersfield Museum

The Petersfield Museum, situated in the old magistrates court in the centre of Petersfield is a vibrant museum full of local information that captures the essence of this ancient market town.

The Petersfield Museum

Old doors to the Magistrates Court

The Petersfield Museum is at the heart of the delightful market town of Petersfield. It’s tucked down the alleyway, behind the fine old flint faced police station and inside the old magistrates court. The court building itself is interesting and when the museum is closed, the metal doors with their heavy bolts are a timely reminder of the building’s former life.

Petersfield is very fortunate to have been the home of Flora Twort, an artist, who took up residence beside the churchyard of St Peter’s church and proceeded to capture the life and times of the town. Her work can be seen in the Flora Twort gallery opposite St Peter’s church and is a part of the Petersfield Museum.

The Petersfield Museum

Flora Twort Gallery

Well informed local knowledge is at the heart of every town museum and at Petersfield there is an abundance of it. Exhibitions, talks and walks are just some of the events that take place. Petersfield’s history did not begin with it being a Medieval wool town, nor with the building of the Norman church of St Peter’s, even though it dominates the market place. Petersfield’s history lies in amongst the ancient barrows that litter the Heath, an open space with lake, just five minutes walk away from the town centre. There is much Hampshire History to explore in and around Petersfield and the Petersfield Museum as good a starting point as any.

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