COPP Memorial

COPP Memorial Hayling

The COPP Memorial at Hayling. The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties (COPP) memorial on Hayling Island is a reminder of how the bravery of a few people had such a huge impact on WWII. The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties were made up of members of all three services, the Royal Navy, the Royal Airforce and the…

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An Alresford Toilet and the Cold War

Cold War in Hampshire

What is the connection between New Alresford in Hampshire and the Cold War? Well it might surprise you to know that one of the most unremarkable buildings in Hampshire a toilet block in New Alresford has a vital connection to the Cold War.

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Guy Burgess and West Meon

The remains of Guy Burgess, the Englishman who turned his back on his own country during the Cold War to become a Soviet spy, lie in Hampshire, in West Meon church yard by the grave of his father.

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Bramshott and the Canadians in WWI and WWII

Bramshott and Liphook in Hampshire became home for thousands of Canadian soldiers during both great wars. The links between these villages in Hampshire and the Canadian nation are touchingly deep, with 318 soldiers buried in the churchyard.

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D-Day Gathering

Hampshire was at the centre of D-Day Preparations as the massive force embarked for Normandy

Making ready for Overlord in Hampshire, with troops massing on the South Coast, Eisenhower moving into Southwick House and Admiral Ramsay running Neptune from Southwick Fort. Who was in your area around the time of Mid-May to 6th June there was lots of hearsay but has your village or town got a story to tell?

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