Pristine Norman Architecture at Winchfield Church

Norman architecture is prevalent throughout Hampshire but Winchfield church stands out as a very special building

Winchfield Church

St Mary’s Winchfield

The road curves around a left hand bend  and to the right, Winchfield church, dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, gently comes into view. The stone is so fresh and lightly coloured it appears as is must have done a thousand years ago. A C16th court house accompanies the church, all that is left of a deserted Medieval village.

Winchfield is in the extreme north eastern corner of the county of Hampshire, not far from some of our more populated areas but here and there this area yields some of our most magical Norman churches such as the church at Nately Scures.

Winchfield church

Norman Zig Zag decoration


Winchfield church remains substantially as it was when it was built in about 1150. The zig zag carving around the south door and the striking decoration on the chancel arch are beautiful. The top stage of the tower was added in the C19th but apart from that St Marys remains an almost perfect example of a late Norman church.

St.Mary the Virgin church Winchfield from Video Pilot on Vimeo.