Corhampton Church and King Cnut

A possible link between Corhampton church and King Cnut

The Anglo Saxon church is awash with historical gems and it’s interesting to consider some of the connections made between its architecture and artefacts and other events that occurred in its long history.

Go to the northern side of the church and look at the blocked doorway. It has a C13th lancet window cut through it, so it must have been blocked before this date and rises in a tall slender arch that is quite narrow. The arch is supported on uprights whose capitals are carved in a very interesting way.

It has been suggested that the shape of the capitals apes the shape seen on the capitals and base of a gold altar cross which was presented to New Minster by King Cnut to New Minster Winchester in about 1020AD.

Did the mason who carved this archway also work at Winchester and draw inspiration from this beautiful artefact in New Minster? Master masons used all sorts visual

Corhampton church and King Cnut

The north doorway at Corhampton church

from which to draw creative inspiration, it is tempting to link the two pieces of contemporary art work. See what you think.

Corhampton church and King Cnut

Medieval manuscript showing King Cnut presenting the gold altar cross to New Minster