Itchen Abbas Church

Itchen Abbas church St John the Baptist

Itchen Abbas church of St John the Baptist, is a fine Victorian building that hides a much earlier church Alas the old church placed a great burden on the parish as its ancient walls and tower fell into decay and became unsafe. The church has some architectural remains that suggest it was built in the…

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The Chalk Streams of Hampshire

The chalkstreams of Hampshire offer some of the best fly fishing in the world but they offer so much more than that. The history of Hampshire is inextricably bound up in the valley’s of the Itchen, the Test and the Meon. Investigate Hampshire History and find out what this wonderful county in southern England has to offer

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Alresford Harbour

Alresford harbour resevoir Hampshire

The dam and resevoir at Alresford is one of the largest and most impressive structures of Medieval England but has it revealed its full purpose?

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English Civil War Cheriton

The Battle of Cheriton in the English Civil War gave the Parliamentarians the victory they needed to strengthen their resolution to defeat King Charles

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