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Bishops waltham

Bishop’s Waltham Palace

Bishop Waltham's Palace Hampshire

Bishop’s Waltham Palace, the name itself conjurers up the magnificent place it must have been 900 years ago. Bishop’s Waltham Palace lies just ten miles away from Winchester Cathedral and was the noble palace of its Bishop’s who built a splendid residence for themselves and a 1000 acre park. Henry de Blois, that inveterate builder,…

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A Hampshire Catholic 1716

The county of Hampshire was tolerant of its Catholic families during the Jacobite uprisings of the early C18th. Whilst other counties persecuted those Catholics refusing to take the oath of allegiance to King George I, Hampshire took a much more relaxed attitude.

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Dipnol Dipnall Dipnell Family Name of Hampshire

Dipnalls from whence do they hail? Where does the name originate from and does it have place and family history significance that is relevant and prevalent in Hampshire, here is a quick introduction, find out how to find more information and how we are looking to find out names that are local and significant in Hampshire Family History, as far back as we can trace…

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