Royal Navy Submarine Museum Gosport

The Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport provides a unique opportunity to explore a part of maritime history that most of us know little about, operating deep beneath the oceans surface, submarines are hidden from the world.

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

HMS Alliance

Across the water from Portsmouth, take a walk through the streets of Gosport and it doesn’t take long to realize that its history is immersed in the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy Submarine Museum has been operational since 1963 when it was a tricky place to find in HMS Dolphin. Things have moved on hugely since then and in 1981 a new complex was developed with HMS Alliance taking pride of place, standing out of the water on stilts.
The following You tube clip tells about the restoration of this submarine

The museum building itself shaped like a nuclear submarine houses an interactive science gallery and offers the chance to see the Royal Navy’s first submarine from 1901 Holland I. It’s a great experience and combined with a ferry ride to go over the water to visit the Mary Rose Museum and Historic Dockyard, all makes for a brilliant day out.