Hampshire Old Map Southamtoniae 1575

This map is provided as a resource which you can access in a number of ways. This is just the start of a collection of Intriguing Mapping Resources we will be providing for specific use in researching your history in Hampshire in the UK. This was before the country had become known as Hampshire.


It is provided via our Pinterest Board for Hampshire History. This enables you to see a reasonably sized image, we are collating these with a view to using the detail in conjunction with various tools including Google Earth and Google Mpas, but more of that later, here for the Moment is an early Map by Saxton dated about 1575..

To use an enlarged version of the map click here you can then scroll and view the detail as it suits you.

  1. Cartographer:  Christopher Saxton was born in Dunningley, near Wakefield, Yorkshire, about 1542-44.
  2. He became a servant to John Rudd, vicar of Dewsbury, prebendary of Durham Cathedral, and a map maker.
  3. There was a general increase in land surveying for managing the large estates and managing enclosure disputes.
  4. Saxton received royal authority in his surveying,by way of a Pass granted by the Privy Council, 11 March 1576
  5. A licence to publish his maps for ten years was granted 22 July 1577:-
  6. Later, Elizabeth I granted Saxton the right to a coat of arms, recognising his:-