The Swing Riots

Plaque to Henry Cook swing rioter

The Swing Riots in Hampshire. The Swing Riots of 1830 were an uprising by agricultural workers in parts of Eastern and Southern England. It was a civil unrest that was a long time in the making, the stirrings of unrest began in the 1780’s and then during the Napoleonic Wars faded away somewhat. Fifty years…

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Bursledon Brickworks

Evolution of the Bursledon Brickworks Company

Bursledon Brickworks Museum Hampshire abounds with hints of its industrial past, Brick Lane, Kiln Lane, Foundry Road but there is little evidence on the ground of these treasures from our industrial past, that is until you discover the Bursledon Brickworks Museum. This is a wonderful museum full of hard working and enthusiastic volunteers who have…

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Taskers of Andover Ltd

Taskers of Andover

Taskers of Andover Ltd, Tasker & Co, Tasker & Sons the list goes on but the company is the same. In 1803, Robert Tasker, a twenty one year old blacksmith from Devizes, left his home to look for work and found a job with the blacksmith at Abbotts Ann. He was a hard working and…

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