Old Winchester Hill

The Iron Age hillfort of Old Winchester Hill occupies one of the most beautiful landscapes that the chalk ridge of the South Downs offers.

Away to the south, the Isle of Wight rises beyond a shimmer of sea. The ancient occupiers of this site chose well, visitors, friend or foe could be seen in all directions. Situated on a spur it has well defined entrances where the ramparts rear upwards to give maximum defence. The The fort itself is encompassed by a bank and ditch and inside the fort, dips left from flint excavations and the rounded mounds of Bronze Age tumuli can be seen. Platforms on which huts and animal enclosures are still evident.

Entrance Ramparts

The chalk ridgeway of which Old Winchester Hill is just one part has been a walkway for man for over 8000 years and this particular site with its overlapping layers of history was in use between 2500 -1500 BC .

A Celtic field system and trackways can be made out to the south of the enclosure along with Medieval fields and ploughing marks.

Surrounded by yew woods the whole area has a very ancient feel to it and is one of Hampshire’s oldest historic sites.