King Edward the Confessor grants Hides at Micheldever to New Minster 900

An example of how the Kings of England gradually gave large tracts of land to the Church and various Bishoprics. This is before the Normans and Plantagenet’s and we can see with many specific transactions that much land was given to the church, particularly in Hampshire with the proximity and and concentration of Ecclesiastical, Royal and Political Power around Winchester. These land grants were to prove impact hugely across Hampshire, even with the coming of the Normans onwards until the Tudor Reformation.

King Edward grants 100 hides (cassati) at Micheldever, to the New Minster, Winchester. With bounds of Micheldever, Cranbourne, Curdridge, Durley, Slackstead (Rigeleah), and Candover, and a note of the land at Worthy (all in Hampshire). A.D. ‘900’

Citation original manuscript transcribed but not translated: