Hartley Wespall Church

Hartley Wespall Church with its fine 14th century woodwork

The church of St Mary’s at Hartley Wespall has a beautiful west wall that shows in detail its 14th century construction and repeats the wonderful roof structure

Hartley Wespall Church Hampshire

West wall Hartley Wespall St Mary’s Church

The church at Hartley Wespall was timber with later stone and flint built in the C14th. The framing on the west wall is rare to see in Hampshire churches. Inside, the roof structure is magnificent and the west gable repeats this roof structure. Beneath the horizontal tie beam are four huge cusped braces forming a quatrefoil which is divided by a vertical cusped post.

Roof structure Hartley Wespall Hampshire

Roof Structure

St Mary's Church Hartley Wespall Hampshire

St Mary’s Church Hartley Wespall