The Great Plane Tree of Mottisfont

The great plane tree of Mottisfont is a rare botanic gem.

The streets and parks of London are home to the beautiful and majestic, Platanus x acerifolia or London Plane tree as we know it but none can hold a candle to the magnificent specimen in the grounds of Mottisfont Abbey.

It is thought that the Mottisfont Plane tree is three hundred to three hundred and fifty years old, planted therefore when the Mill family occupied the house. It may have been planted as part of the restructuring of the house and gardens.

It is an enormous tree and the photos cannot do justice to the spread of its branches, nor the size of its trunk.  Twenty  or so years ago the tree measured  40m tall with a girth of 12m and the area covered by its branches a very impressive 1500m2.

There are many reasons to visit Mottisfont but its trees are particularly glorious.

The Old Plane Tree Mottisfont

The Old Plane Tree Mottisfont

The Old Plane Tree Mottisfont

The tree has a girth of 12m

Old Plane Mottisfont