A View of Netley Abbey 1909

It is always interesting to compare now and then views of familiar places as in this image of Netley Abbey in 1909.

Netley Abbey has been inspiring painters and writers for hundreds of years and it’s not difficult to see why when you look at this romantic image of Netley Abbey from 1909. The group of women in the foreground add to this beautiful picture of the ruins, maybe they were capturing the old ruins in paint? The foliage covering the walls would have been doing an immense amount of damage to the stonework and in the recent photo, you can see it has all been cleared away. Apart from that little else has changed.

Netley Abbey

Netley Abbey Nave 1909

Netley Abbey as it is today, cleared of foliage but still one of Hampshire’s most romantic ruins. Spot where the women were sitting over a hundred years ago.

Netley Abbey 1909

Netley Abbey Nave 2013