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Spring Arts and Heritage Centre Havant

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre Havant embraces art and heritage and provides a dynamic and welcoming experience in the heart of the town of Havant

Spring Art and Heritage Centre

The Spring at Havant

With a great local collection of donated artefacts the museum has managed to weave an interesting fabric of art, culture and heritage as can be seen in their superb timeline where they have evoked an old local favourite the Hayling Billy train, to transport you on an interactive journey. It was designed by automata artist, Tom Bennett and is a unique piece of work, bringing to life the history of the town and surroundings.

Art exhibitions, a cafe and numerous historical exhibits and events make this a very interesting heritage destination. It is also close to St Faith’s Church, whose present structure has it’s roots in a Roman past.  Romans, Saxons, Normans all worshiped on this spot and so it is fitting that the history of the town is paraded a short walk away from this ancient place.

This is a very inclusive centre, the ability to download a variety of their Heritage booklets free of charge from their excellent website and to be able to go and book an appointment to meet a local history expert for research advice etc, every Wednesday 1pm – 3pm and Friday 10am – 12.30pm, is fantastic.

There are  history trails for children and family open days to explore specific aspects of history.

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre Havant is a great resource for anyone with an interest in Hampshire History in the Havant area.

The Spring Art and Heritage Centre Havant

The Hayling Billy





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