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Hampshire History Resources Guide and Online Library

In time for Halloween Oct 2019 -November 2019 New and improved Hampshire History Resources Guide, currently circa 500 entries and growing. 

We are improving our technology with a view to making available more data and interactive content on Hampshire History. It is all part of a work in progress and here we are looking to reference a wide variety of resources not just on Hampshire overall but as specific as the place names in our Hampshire History Gazetteer, Historic Periods, Family Names, Posts and Data Projects. This is  a BETA release so we welcome feedback and additions. We will provide a form so you can make suggestions which we can then curate and add, as appropriate.




Title:New Forest Visitors Guide

Result No:1

Place NameCalshot


A good guide to Calshot Castle which is run as a museum by English Heritage. The views across the Solent are worth the journey.



Title:British History Online

Result No:2

Place NameCatherington



Title:Chandlers Ford local history blog

Result No:3

Place NameChandlers Ford


A site which is trying to make connections with all things Chandlers Ford



Title:See Andover

Result No:4

Place NameCharlton


Charlwood Reference British History Online within Ropley Manor, see Web Link, between Alton and Monk Wood.

Title:See Hambledon

Result No:6

Place NameChidden

Title:See Wherwell

Result No:7

Place NameChilbolton

Title:See Winchester

Result No:8

Place NameChilcomb

Title:Fleet and Crookham Local Histroy Group

Result No:9

Place NameChurch Crookham


This is an active local history group which appear to have a large archive of material but nine of which is available to search online but you can make a request for information. Various active projects are on the boil, the biggest impressive project is the scanning of images and documents for their catalogue.



Title:See Andover

Result No:10

Place NameClanville

Title:British History Online

Result No:11

Place NameCliddesden



Title:Compton and Shawford Local History Society

Result No:12

Place NameCompton


A super local site



Title:See Ashmansworth

Result No:13

Place NameCrux Easton

Title:See Botley

Result No:14

Place NameCurdridge

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