Hampshire and Digital Humanities

How You Can use the Delights of Digital Humanities in Your Own Hampshire Connected Projects

If you are an individual or a group, you have an interest in or are connected with Hampshire and it’s Heritage, then this page maybe for you. Aim here is to experiment, explore share and embed tools and capabilities that with our own associated projects can be utilised to shed new light and insights on your area of interest, topic, project or subject domain.

What is Digital Humanities and How Can it Help Us All?

Whilst scholars debate (and they do in reams) our focus here, is to find digital, web and IT tools that each of us might use to further inform our own research and knowledge and where possible to share in the true spirit of open access that knowledge so that we can all benefit from what we discover along the way. You can also connect and we will where possible feature your own projects where there is a logical connection, a community connection, either within Hampshire or by the nature of what the project is about a relevance to the heritage of Hampshire not just its history but the multiple facets of its connections with the Arts, Humanities, Heritage and Culture with a strong visual and dat centric approach.

This is a FREE and OPEN ACCESS approach but more of that later. To kickstart this new page we are going to feature some ’embeds’ from strands of what Hampshire History and other relevant organisations/individuals or projects are exploring including HGS Hampshire Genealogical Society  and the Guild of One Name Studies, of which it so happens we (the starters of this site) are also members. More of that to follow as we hope to share and connect with as many people as are interested in the coming months of 2014.

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