The Swing Riots

Plaque to Henry Cook swing rioter

The Swing Riots in Hampshire. The Swing Riots of 1830 were an uprising by agricultural workers in parts of Eastern and Southern England. It was a civil unrest that was a long time in the making, the stirrings of unrest began in the 1780’s and then during the Napoleonic Wars faded away somewhat. Fifty years…

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Bonham Carter WWI Memorial

In remembrance of those who gave their lives in WWI, Hampshire History will be posting images of WWI memorials and associated artefacts and events,discovered as we travel through Hampshire.

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Baptismal Font Buriton

Baptismal font Buriton

The baptismal font in the C12th church of St Mary’s Buriton, is as old as the church itself. The late Norman font was made from a slab of Purbeck marble and lined with lead before receiving its cover (now gone) after the 1234 edict requiring all font basins to be covered.

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