Project Data and Analysis

Project Data And Analysis

You will find a gradually evolving index of pages, where we will share access to data that we have researched and are experimenting with. This will support the overall purpose of this website and associated projects.

Articles introducing those initiatives will also be pinned to this page.

16th Century Hampshire People Occupations and Places from their Wills

You will see on our main navigation, that we are interested in the old families of Hampshire and how Hampshire place names have evolved. With this in mind we are tracking down early records which will hopefully shed a little more light on the history of Hampshire. There is though a second purpose to the project and that is to try and establish a project which will determine how far back we can trace named families. We would then like to investigate what surnames have dominated Hampshire across the centuries. Once the data is analyzed for patterns, it will interesting to see if we can draw any sort of relationships from them.

We have begun with a set of wills researched and curated via the National Archive and transcribed for our One Name studies.  We will get the index online interactively and then take the next step, using a range of IT tools to overlay that data with a timeline of historical events in Hampshire and the surnames that dominate in localities in that period.