Project 16th Century Hampshire

Project 16th Century Hampshire

Hampshire’s People Places and Occupations in the 16th Century: 1500-1599 the first tentative steps in our data projects

Use the interactive table and search for a placename, surname or occupation or a year and matching records will bet returned on the table. Our next step is to map and timeline the data. We will then explore which are the best tools for us to pool the data so we can study any patterns that may shed some light on some aspect of the history of Hampshire.

If you would like to see the data in a wider format and you have a larger screen you can see the link here, it will open in your browser, the beauty of this version is that as we update the spreadsheet the changes will also periodically and automatically update to this web copy. (This is using the free Publish capability inside Google’s spreadsheet toolkit.)

This project is a Hampshire History small project to research, collate , curate. share  and analyse some early records of named individuals across the county.

Its is a project that will hopefully connect with a variety of history projects taking a look at not only the origin of names but what else we can learn about the social and economic basis of the communities within the county’s border and how they maybe similar or vary from a broader picture. It is early days, the first set of records are based on Wills held indexed at the National Archives.  It builds on some work we have individually done with our own family history and one name studies but our aim is to build a series of datasets and create a library that can be used by us all to help in our areas of interest in Hampshire’s history over time.

This is the data some 800+ records that we are working with for the first stage of sharing our Hampshire History endeavours. If you would like to connect with or use any of the tools or techniques employed in this project or have data to share then please contact us here