Foxglove Fairies in Froxfield

We are blessed in Hampshire with having roadside verges that still contain wild flowers. A good place to look is in the lanes around the village of Froxfield. July is the time to see the Foxgloves bowing their heads.

Froxfield Foxgloves



The foxglove claims its place in Hampshire folklore as the flower of the fairies. The purple pink flowers, shaped like the fingers of a glove, are supposed to bow down their heads when a fairy passes.

The plants are also known in Hampshire as fairy weed, goblin’s thimbles and fairy fingers and is supposed to be a very special haunt of the little people. Following on from this, it should therefore never be transplanted. It is considered lucky however if one springs from seed in your garden as the fairies will undoubtedly be visiting you soon.

Froxfield is lucky enough to have several lanes where the foxglove grows in abundance.