The Grange Northington

The Grange Northington Hampshire history
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The Grange Northington is s stunning example of the Classical Greek Revival style of architecture. Only the exterior can be viewed but it is worth every effort to make the visit to see it.

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Tudor Bramshott Place

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The tudor house at Bramshott Place has long gone but its gatehouse still stands, albeit in splendid isolation. There was a manor and estate at Bramshott at the time of Domesday. By the late C16th a wealthy cloth merchant from Godalming named John Hooke purchased the esate and built for himself and his family, a…

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Elvetham Hall

Elvetham Hall History
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Elvetham Hall history is fascinatingly linked to the Seymour family and the Tudor royal family. The original house burnt down in the mid 19th century and a mighty Victorian Gothic mansion stands to replace it.

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