Agincourt and Michelmersh

Agincourt and Michelmersh in Hampshire and the House of Lancaster
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Agincourt and Michelmersh The 12th/13th Century church of St Mary’s in Michelmersh would have looked out over the adjacent field, filled with the soldiers and archers who would be accompanying King Henry V to battle at Agincourt. Scattered in fields and villages north of Southampton, King Henry V started to gather his troops, ready to…

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The Southampton Plot

Red Lion The SouthamptonPlot
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The Southampton Plot was a conspiracy against King Henry V, concocted elsewhere in England but whose final blows were to be dealt in the city of Southampton The Southampton Plot was an intrigue that occurred in Southampton in July 1415. Southampton in 1415 was for a city preparing for war. The Hundred Years War had…

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The Grace Dieu 1420

Grace Dieu
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The Grace Dieu was a huge warship constructed between 1413 and 1420 and destined for the wars with France under the orders of King Henry V. In fact it never got further than the Isle of Wight and its remains lie in the mud in the River Hamble

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