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Historic Periods in Hampshire History

Visit the different historic periods in Hampshire History from the Romans to the House of Windsor, to find out what happened as Hampshire's history evolved from being the royal capital and home to the Treasury of England to the university city it is now. Take a look at the juxtaposition of some of Hampshire's events alongside what was happening nationally. These periods mirror the periods of our sister project Intriguing History.

Elizabethan Period

Elizabethan Period in Hampshire’s History The Tudor Period encompasses the extraordinary Elizabethan Age when Queen Elizabeth I kept faith, in true Tudor tradition, to the ideals of being a supreme monarch and to the state of monarchy. She was determined to keep these ideals at the forefront of her subjects minds and hearts. In pursuit of this she…

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Tudor Period

Hampshire’s History and the Tudor Period with the Reformation and Henry VIII’s patronage much land and wealth would pass to the Tudor’s chosen beneficiaries. Tudor Period in Hampshire’s History The Tudor Period, from 1485-1603 left its mark on Hampshire, as it did in so many other parts of England, in the dissolution of its monasteries. The Reformation brought…

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York Period

Yorks Period in Hampshire’s History The York Period 1461 – 1485 in Hampshire’s History , the other side of the War of the Roses and how the influence of the York period shaped and formed the face of Hampshire during this time. What connections can we find visible today, documented in the past , mapped and narrated here as…

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Lancaster Period

Lancaster Period in Hampshire’s History The Lancaster Period 1399- 1471 in Hampshire’s History, spans the period when King Henry IV, V and VI came to the English throne. King Henry IV was the son of of John of Gaunt and hence became Duke of Lancaster until he was usurped and exiled. Far south from the traditional lands of these…

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Plantagenet Period

Plantagenet Period in Hampshire’s History Approximately one hundred years after the Norman invasion the Plantagenet Period began. The intrigue around the Plantagenet dynasty is fascinating. What was going on in Hampshire during this tumultuous period from 1154-1399? Winchester and Andover suffered dreadfully during the civil war of Stephen’s reign and much re-building went on to encourage urban…

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Norman Period

Norman Period in Hampshire’s History Hampshire bristles with England’s Norman heritage. It seems as if the Normans were intent on stamping their authority on community after community. The Norman Period in Hampshire’s history 1066 to 1154 builds upon our early Roman and Anglo Saxon roots. As part of this collection we will be identifying Norman sites within…

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House of Denmark

The House of Denmark in Hampshire’s History The C10th was to be the last one of Anglo Saxon England. King Alfred’s reign set in motion a dynasty which, would create a united kingdom of England only to have it collapse. In the year 1000 AD a new wave of Viking raids took place and a…

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House of Wessex

House of Wessex Period in Hampshire’s History The House of Wessex Period in the history of Hampshire tied this ancient county to the centre of power when Alfred the Great made Winchester in Hampshire his capital city. This period from the beginning of the 9th century to the Norman invasion (with the slight hiccup of the…

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Roman Period

Tracing connections between Hampshire and our Roman History. Hampshire is fortunate in having a rich Roman history. Some of the earliest and most active sites such as Hamwic near Southampton, no longer have remains on the ground but are fascinating nevertheless. The villa at Rockbourne can be visited and Hampshire has two major sites of…

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Choose the historic period that is of interest to you. This will take you to a selection of posts and our evolving timeline for that historic period in Hampshire's history. We aim to keep adding to our collection of posts, timeline data, images and map points, to reflect the great diversity of history Hampshire has to offer. Inevitably some periods are more 'active' than others but with the help of the related information on Intriguing History you will be able at least gain an overall impression of the highlights of each historic period.

COPP Memorial Hayling

COPP Memorial

The COPP Memorial at Hayling. The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties (COPP) memorial on Hayling Island is a reminder of how the bravery of a few people had such a huge impact on WWII. The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties were made up of members of all three services, the Royal Navy, the Royal Airforce and the…

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